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Posted on: December 10th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Are you one of those people that love Halloween? Me too! But I'm not as big of a fan of the gory, scary, horror movie type stuff. I like the family friendly creepy stuff. And the harvest stuff, pumpkin patches, costumes, candy, delicious foods etc. If you're like mean and enjoy the Halloween festivities and want to pass that joy on to your kid, this is a cool list for you! Halloween movie names!

Now, personally, I wouldn't want to name my kid after Freddy Krueger or anything, so my list is going to be based off family friendly animated Halloween movies. If there's any that I missed that you think would work well leave a comment!


Sally Sally is everyone's favorite ragdoll from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. If by some chance you haven't seen this, you need to! Sally seems to be the smartest one in the bunch, and she's just trying to look out for her friends! The name means 'princess, lady-like.' It's a great choice for any little girl.

Coraline This is from the movie Coraline, which is based on Neil Gaiman's surprisingly creepy book of the same name. If you like a little more scary in your kids friendly Halloween movie, this is a good name for you! I know adults who were scared of this movie. She's a spunky girl with attitude that figures out how to get things done. The origins of the name are debated, but either way, we like it!

Mavis Mavis is Dracula's daughter in the adorable Hotel Transylvania movies. She's got this charming innocence wonder and desire to see the world that is contagious. She's also a bit rebellious. It means 'song thrush' which is a kind of bird. It's a fun name, rather unusual but not unheard of.

Aggie Aggie is the main protagonist in the movie ParaNorman. She's the 'witch' that put the curse on the town. But she's actually a sweet little girl who was wronged. The name means 'sacred, chaste' and seems right. It's such a sweet and innocent sounding name. But it's got some fire behind it in the character of this movie!

Carrigan This unusual name comes from the 'villain' in Casper. In the movie she plays a greedy rich person that wants to get richer. However, we love the name. It's extremely original. It is supposed a variant of an Irish surname, Corrigan. But we think it sounds cool like a fall day as a first name!

Wanda She's the wife of Drac's friend the werewolf in Hotel Transylvania. She manages to keep track of dozens of wolf pups and still be a mentor for Mavis. She's a powerful force. The name been used in other Halloween themed movies as well, making it a good one! It means 'from the Vandal tribe.'


Victor This one comes up in a couple movies, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride and Frankenweeie. He is the main character in both. Each character is a sweet sort of gentlemen that loves his pets and is trying to do right by people. The name means 'Man of Victory.' It has a Halloween sort of feel to it all the time, but is also distinguished.

Wallace This is one of the main characters of Wallace and Gromit and the Case of the Were-Rabbit. One of few clay animation studios left around. It's a cute movie and Wallace is a good guy inventor with a few mishaps and a loyal dog to help keep him in line. The name its self means 'foreign person.' But we think it sounds very likeable.

Norman Norman is the lead character in ParaNorman, and he can talk to dead people. He's like, the cutest little goth kid ever. You can't help but root for him. A little quirky but ultimately likeable, making the name a good choice. It means 'From the north.'

Manolo Not exactly a Halloween movie, but The Book of Life does have that sort of feel to it. It's based more along the lines of D'a de Muertos. But it's got that sort of feel to it. Manolo is one of our main guys, and he's the one what wins most people's hearts. He's kind, gentle and romantic. The name means 'God with us.'

Murray He plays the mummy in Hotel Transylvania, and he is one of the funniest characters in the movie. He's a joker, but a nice guy who looks out for Mavis. The name has been out of style for a while, but I think it's time for a comeback. It means 'from an area near the sea.'

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