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Posted on: February 17th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Art is the application of creativity to express one's self. Art inspires and gives an individual a sense of self-worth. Art lovers are inspired by the freedom to create an object of imagination, whether through performing or creative art. Artistic baby names are names that are inspired by the art culture. It is a combination of unique baby names that express the art culture and gives the baby an identity that makes him or her stand out from the rest of the population. Below are examples of artistic baby, names, their origins, meanings, and applications.

Traditionally, Indigo was one of the eight colours of the rainbow. Nevertheless, it has become a popular name among art lovers, especially those who like paintings and colours. Indigo is a deep purple-blue Indian dye that is used in art paintings. This name has a long history. In the 1970s, the Indigo Babies was a definition for the group of children with special powers. Indigo is a unisex name; however, in the US, it is mostly used for the baby girls. Rainbow came into popularity due to the artistic culture of appreciating the beauty of nature, especially in the art paintings. Similar to Rainbow is Rain. According to many art lovers, appreciation of nature is a unique way of appreciating art. For instance, standing in the Rain or watching the Rainbow is a spectacular experience for the art lovers. Both Rain and Rainbow are unisex names.

Appreciation of the beauty and the therapeutic effect of flowers is another form of art. This phenomenon contributed to the rise of names like Tulip, Lavender, Lilly, and Rose. Tulip has emerged as a refreshing and relatively new choice of floral names unlike the other three that have been around for some time. Tulip originated from central Asia. During full moon, this flower adorns a turban-like shape; hence the name Tulip which is the Persian word for turban. One of the most outstanding works of art in ancient and modern history is Mona Lisa. This piece has inspired many generations of artists. Consequently, the piece has contributed to the popularity of two distinct names, Mona and Lisa. Both are used as first names for baby girls. Mona means doll in Spanish. The name is also thought to originate from the Irish culture where it means noble god. On the other hand, Lisa is a Hebrew name that means God is satisfaction. It is also a diminutive form of Elisheba or Elizabeth.

The name Alder came from the Alder tree. This is a rare species in the birch family. The name has a German origin and has been in use in Western Europe for some time. Today, it has become very popular in North America. The popularity of this name is attributed to the art culture. This is because the tree is the main component of a guitar. Those who love instruments, especially guitars express their appreciation for this form of art by adopting this name. Juniper is a shrub. The name describes a collection of evergreen shrubs that appear in a constellation of varied sizes. In the Old Testament, the name was used to denote chastity in paintings. Margaret Wise Brown famously used this name to refer to her pen. Due to her influence in the children literature, many parents picked up and adopted this name for their babies.

Raphael remains one of the most accomplished painters in the world history. Even though he plied his trade during the renaissance period, his work still exists and is used as a measure of standard for the new generation artists. His achievement in the field of art contributed to the popularity of this name. Originally, the name is from the Hebrew culture where it means God has healed. In the Bible, Raphael is the name for one of the seven archangels. Ophelia is a Greek word for help. This name is believed to originate from Shakespeare's Hamlet. He had given this creative name to the heroine in this play. Since then, Ophelia became a household name in Europe and later in the entire western hemisphere. Because the character was female, Ophelia is used mainly for baby girls. Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo are two of the most accomplished Dutch artists. Their fame contributed to the popularity of the names Vincent and Theo, which is a diminutive form of Theodore. Theodore is a Greek word for the gift from God. It is a modernized form of Theodore and easy for the millennial moms to use.

Art is inspired by imagination and mystery. Therefore, artists love mystical natural features like oceans and rivers. This phenomenon led to the rise of two names inspired by water: River and Ocean. The two names create a peaceful, mysterious, and tranquil imagery that appeals to the art lovers. Ansel is not so much of an art-inspired name but rather it is associated with one of the world's greatest photographers, Ansel Adams. Sienna is a mix of red and orange clay that is used in modelling and pottery. In addition, it is a beautiful name for a baby girl. Sienna is an Italian name that is inspired by clay work. Nova is a Latin word for new. Even so, it is mostly associated with the blinking star; one that shines very bright then shortly loses the light and becomes dull.

Pablo is a Spanish derivative of Paul. Paul is a Hebrew name that means small. This name is so common in the Spanish culture that it was borne by many famous artists like: Pablo Picasso, Pablo Casals, and Pablo Neruda. Pablo Picasso probably contributed more for the popularity of this name as compared to the other three.

Leonardo is the Spanish and Italian derivative of Leonard. Leonard comes from Leo which is the Latin name for lion. The famous painter, Leonardo Da Vinci contributed to the popularity of this name. He was so accomplished that he became an art idol. Hence, those who wanted to associate with him and to honour his work used this name for their babies.

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