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Posted on: December 4th, 2018by Elizabeth Henderson

I once met a baby girl called Honey. It was a public gathering where the ten-year-old began her presentation by calling herself Honey Cornwell. The mention of her first name seemed to create a stir as people began to murmur over the suitability of that name. Having been exposed to so many unique names, I stood up and addressed the crowd directly because I knew what they were all thinking about. I explained to them that Honey is a sweet name that represents how much the mother loves her beautiful daughter. I came to realize that many people are used to the conventional names so much that they forgot the essence of naming; which is to confer meaning to an individual. Like her name, Honey was sweet an adorable. After the presentation, I asked her why she was so nice. She answered me that her mother always tell her that her name means she must always be nice to everyone. After this experience, I decided to present you with the ten common names in America that trace their origin to food.

First is the name Kale. The relationship is quite easy to notice since kale is a common vegetable in our diets. In the US, this name is commonly used as a first name for male babies. It became very popular after 2008 upon the release of the movie Disturbia. The character of Kale Brecht in the movie popularized this name. There is really no deeper meaning for this name other than the deep, green, refreshing image of the vegetable. This meaning is not strong enough to make the name popular. Rather, its popularity could have come about because of the movie. One of the key behaviours of American moms when it comes to naming is that the popular television and movie stars influence their choices of names.

Peach is among the top 1000 most popular names in America. The name originates from the plant peach. Peach is a deciduous plant that came originally from Asia. It produces very delicious fruits. The fruit is common in American households since many people seem to like it. In America, it is used as a girl's name. The sweet nature of this fruit could be attributed to its popularity among the American moms. Whenever a mother uses this name for her daughter, she attaches it with the special feeling she enjoys from eating peach fruit. Moreover, she relates it to the awesome feeling of being the mother of such a cute little girl.

Nori is the name the Japanese use to refer to edible seaweeds with magnificent flavors that are used in preparing shushi. The Japanese food, shushi, has become a part of the American culture. Shushi is a popular food that is enjoyed by all Americans irrespective of their race or ethnicity. Nori is very special since it is the major ingredient that gives shushi its flavor. Moreover, it comes with health benefits for the consumer. This special use of Nori makes it attractive for a first name. Hence, this name is commonly used in America for both sexes.

The name Kobe originally belongs to an ancient city in Japan which is the source of the famous Kobe Beef. The city also serves as one of the oldest shrines in the Japan, having been founded in 201 AD. The popularity of this name in America is widely associated by the famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant. His success in the basketball game made him a household name. Many Americans wanted to associate with his success; as a result, they gave his first name to their children. It is commonly used for baby boys.

Rosemary is a precious spice used for various food varieties including roast meats. The spice provides a unique flavor to the food. It originally came from the Mediterranean Region. Rosemary belongs to the mint family. Being an old English name, it had existed for many generations in America. Nevertheless, it had remained on top 1000 popular names. The popularity of this name arises from the unique fragrance that this spice offers. Giving it to your baby girl means that she is a fragrance to the family since she adds flavor.

Maple is a short beautiful tree with its origin in Asia. The Maple tree is beautiful with thick green leaves and red flowers. Moreover, the leaves are designed in different unique shapes for each Maple species. In Canada, the tree is revered with its leaf being at the centre of the flag. Maple syrup is a popular ingredient in the American kitchen. The name is elegant, short, and sweet. In fact, Jason Bateman gave it to his last daughter. This could influence more moms to use it just to identify with the celebrity status of Asia's daughter.

Ambrosia is a common fruit salad that is composed of peeled apples, mandarin oranges, marshmallows, strawberries, sweetened pineapple, bananas, coconut, and maraschino cherries. The meaning of this name can also be attributed the Greek culture where it means food for the gods. Ambrosia is a name for baby girls and it in the top 1000 most common American names.

Clove is a given name for boys. The name comes from clove spices that are indigenous to Indonesia but are used a lot in the US. This is the only spice-related name for the boys. Clove increase the appetite for food by adding flavor. This meaning is inferred in the name when given to babies.

Ginger is a cute first name for a baby girl. Similar to Clove, it is a common spice in the kitchen whose uses is aimed at increasing the flavor. The name is so cute that many people will love it. Furthermore, its meaning is of special significance to the mother because it implies that the baby girl is a spice in the life of the mother.

For the confectionery lovers, Madeleine is the name. This name belongs to traditional cake from the Lorraine region in north-eastern France. The cake warmed its way to the hearts of many women who like baking because of its exquisite taste. As a result, some mothers express their love for this cake by giving this name to their children. According to them, the baby girl is so sweet and special like the cake. Madeleine is in the top 300 of the list of most common names in the US.

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