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Posted on: December 26th, 2018by Elizabeth Henderson

Pop culture is defined by a set of practices, beliefs, and behavior patterns. It is a subculture in the American larger culture. Pop culture does not only influence the type of music we listen to or the type of TV shows that we watch. It also determines the kind of names we give to our children. The pop celebrities have been using unique names for their children for several decades. These names have become part of the pop culture since the fans use these names to show their admiration of the celebrities. This article discusses the popular names inspired by pop culture in America.

The name Bella has its roots from the Italian culture where it means beautiful. It is also closely related to the French word belle that also means beautiful. Bella is a popular name in America inspired by pop culture. It was popularized by the TV series Twilight which was once a big phenomenon in the American screens. Bella is short, simple, and elegant. The meaning also makes it appropriate for a cute little baby girl.

The name Aria was popularized by the little brave girl in the TV series: The Game of Thrones. Aria Stark is a representation of courage and belief in one's self. The character of Maisie Williams in this program is easier to identify with. Aria Stark stands out as a significant character in the series that has controlled the American television since 2008. The origin of this name is in the Hebrew culture where it means the lioness. The little girl lives up to her name, an indication of how a name can be a powerful tool for moulding the character. Giving this name to your little girl inspires her to be brave enough to conquer her fears and to pursue her dreams.

The name Annalise had been popularized by the lead character in the American drama series: How to Get Away with Murder. The character of Annalise Keating brings out the beauty and charm of a woman as a powerful tool that she can use to attain her goals. The name has a German origin. It is a combination of two names: Annaleise which means God is my oath. Therefore, the meaning of the name Annalise is the Lord has given me grace. The two words that form the roots of Annalise make it a powerful name with which to proclaim grace on the newborn. Every time she introduces herself she is calling upon the favor of God on her life.

The name Adele does not need any introductions. The popularity of this name rose with the emergence of the powerful English singer. Adele has both French and German origins. The full version of the name in French is Adelaide where it means noble. In German, it comes from the name Adela which means strong. The name Adele means strong and beautiful. Strong and beautiful are powerful attributes in a woman. She can pursue her dreams courageously by breaking the glass ceiling.

Tabitha is one of the fast-rising popular names propelled to fame by the pop culture. The name has been popularized by the fantasy series Bewitched; where it belongs to Samantha Stevens' half-witch daughter. Tabitha is an Aramaic word for female gazelle. It is also found in the Hebrew culture. Hence, the meaning of this name can be obtained from the attributes of gazelle. Gazelle is graceful, agile, and beautiful. The use of the name in the sitcom series creates a powerful and endearing meaning to it that has made it attractive for the new moms.

Who does not know Michael Jackson, the king of pop? The man practically ruled pop music for as long as he lived. His swift dance moves and powerful lyrics made him into a musical icon that the world adores even today. He popularized the name Michael among the fans of pop music. Michael is a Hebrew name that means that is like God. It is also common among the European royal families where it has been used for centuries. Even today, this name tops the list of 1000 most popular names in America. Michael is elegant, short, and simple.

Nicki is the short form of Nicole. It is a popular for the baby girls and it means victory. The popularity of this name is attributed to the fame of American rapper Nicki Minaj. Today, many new moms in America are using the name Nicole for their newborns; which is then shortened to Nicki. Victory is a good thing to call your child. The meaning of the name influences the baby to pursue freedom. Hence, she is not afraid to be the person that she is meant to be.

Jerry Seinfeld, the undisputed king of stand-up comedy has contributed immensely to the popularization of the name Jerry. Since he made his appearance on the American television, he has been an inspiration to many people. New moms who want to identify with his success has gone ahead to name their baby boys after him; thus helping to popularize this name.

Since Kanye West and Kim Kardashian came up with the name North for their baby, the popularity of this name has shot off the charts. The name is unique, simple to spell and to pronounce. It is also elegant. North does not have any special meaning or origin attached to it. It makes me think that Kim and Kanye were motivated by the desire to create a unique name. However, due to the influence of the pop culture, this name has entrenched itself as one of the most popular new names for babies in America.

Since its release in 2009, the American television series the Vampire Diaries has remained a phenomenal program that has left a tremendous impact in the American pop culture. The drama series popularized names like Elena, Damon, and Stephan. Elena is derived from an old Greek name, Helen. Damon, in Greek, means to subdue. In German, it means demon. Similarly, Stephenis an old Greek name and is related to Stephen.

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