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Posted on: July 26th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Names are inspired by culture, environment, and natural phenomena. The Midwest has one of the most beautiful sceneries in the United States. The area boasts of the hill country, famous lakes, and Isle Royale National Park among many other natural attractions. The beauty of nature inspires joy and splendor in people. With such an admirable environment, the inhabitants of the Midwest are highly motivated, confident, and optimistic. These attributes are seen in the names they give to their newborns. Looking at the list of the most popular names in this area, one sees beauty, grandeur, high self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence.

Emma The Social Security Administration data indicate that Emma is the most popular name for the baby girl in the Midwest. This name has also remained among the top most popular names nationally for the past eight years. Emma is simple and elegant and is most associated with beauty.

Olivia Like Emma, Olivia is a beautiful name for the baby girl. Its association with the olive tree makes it glamorous. New moms prefer this name because it is easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and is sweet to hear. The name is like favorite music to the listener.

Ava In the Midwest, Ava comes at number three. Moreover, it has retained its position as the ten most popular names for baby girls in the US since 2017. The name has some unique antique aura to it.

Charlotte When I hear the name Charlotte, I only think of beauty and glamour. The name has been associated with the ruling class for so long that some people associate it with class. The high level of self-esteem is the Midwest is credited with the popularity of this name.

Amelia Amelia is a diminutive of the name Emily. Amelia means the industrious one. It speaks of the value of industry and beauty. The name is popular because it is like sweet music to the ears.

Harper According to the Social Security Administration data, Harper is the sixth most popular name for the baby girl in the Midwest. Nationally, the name ranks at position eleven. This name, from the Middle English culture, is associated with harp, the musical instrument. Therefore, it evokes inspiration, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Evelyn Evelyn has its origin from the Norman French culture. The name is derived from Aveline which means desired. It offers a new mom a great way to show her love for the little princess. The girl is likely to embrace self-love, high self-esteem, and feel beautiful in her skin.

Sophia If your give birth to a beautiful girl, the most apt name to express this beauty is to give her this name. Sophia is originally from the Greek culture where it means wisdom. Even so, many people seem to associate with beauty and class.

Isabella Like Sophia, Isabella is also associated with class and beauty. The people living in the Midwest are surrounded with beautiful natural environment. There is no better way to express this than to name your baby girl a name that inspires beauty like Isabella.

Nora This name has multiple meanings. In Latin, the name is associated with the word honor. In Greek, the name is thought to be a derivative of the name Eleanora which means light. Whichever the meaning you see fit, the name is simply cute and easy to use.

Liam The association of this name with the name William gives it a meaning that is significant in nurturing character. Nevertheless, new moms in the Midwest like this name because of its simplicity.

Oliver Like Olivia, Oliver is associated with the beauty and grandeur of the olive tree. The name is suitable for a mom who wants to express the worth of her newborn son to her and in the eyes of her family.

Noah From the Hebrew culture, Noah means comfort. Its other meaning is rest. Picking from both meanings, something that gives comfort or rest is one that places an individual in an emotional state of satisfaction. Therefore, this name is suitable for mothers who experienced difficult pregnancies. Seeing the face of the little bundle of joy gives the mother rest from all the troubles she had to endure.

William The name William is meant purely to nurture character. Its association with the royal families is probably the reason why it has grown in constant popularity over the years.

Henry Henry is a newcomer in the Midwest list of popular names for baby boys. As such, it is yet to pick up in the national charts.

Logan From the Scottish people, Logan means hollow. It was originally the name of a place before it was adopted for a Scottish surname. The meaning of this name is not inspiring; however, it is elegant and melodious.

Benjamin Benjamin is a name originally from the Hebrew culture. In Hebrew, Benjamin means the son of my right hand. In essence, Benjamin is the favorite son to the father, the heir to the throne or crown prince in today’s terms. This name expresses how strong the love between the two couples and the pride that the father has in the little boy.

Mason Mason is from the Old English culture where it meant stoneworker. It started as a surname before it was adopted into a first name for baby boys. Like Logan, the meaning of this name is not attractive. Probably, most new moms simply like the sound of it.

James In Hebrew, James means supplanter. This is a name you would want to give to your son if you desire to cultivate in him leadership attributes.

Owen Like Henry, Logan is popular mostly in the Midwest. The name is yet to acclaim widespread popularity in the whole nation. An old Welsh name, Owen means young warrior. There, you have it; if you think you like it for your baby, go for it!

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