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by Elizabeth HendersonPosted on: February 25th, 2019
Usually, picking a name is one of the most difficult decisions a parent would ever make. Parents are forced to come up with names that the baby will be proud to identify with. A good place to start would be to use elements that are familiar to the local culture. For instance, the time of the year can be a good place to look for a suitable name for the baby. Below are some cute names inspired by seasons or the time of the year.
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by Ruth FitzpatrickPosted on: June 1st, 2017
Summer is finally here! We are ALL really looking forward to some sun, rest and relaxation. And if your little bundle is coming this month, you have even more to be excited about! Here at Nameslist, we've been looking through all the best June-inspired names for all those precious babies coming soon. SO if you're still on the fence, or need a little bit extra inspiration, here are 10 of our favorites:
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by Ruth FitzpatrickPosted on: May 15th, 2017
The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and summer is only a few short weeks away. The flowers are blooming, the trees blossoming, and it's hard to stifle feeling of infectious happiness. Yup, there's a lot to feel thankful for in the month of May and that's even truer if this is the month your little bundle is planning on making their debut onto the world! Celebrate their birth with one of these beautiful May inspired names.
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