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by Elizabeth HendersonPosted on: January 27th, 2019
The Bible is a good place to obtain names for our babies. First, the Bible professes virtues and uses examples of people who have achieved exploits and who have changed the course of communities. As I have always reiterated, the essence of a name is to inspire admirable attributes in an individual. Therefore, parents find a lot of inspiration in biblical names.
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by Ruth FitzpatrickPosted on: May 28th, 2017
One of the major struggles when it comes to picking a name for your little one is trying to strike a balance between a name that's unique and personal with one that carries the family, cultural or societal meaning and significance you want it to. With the amount of pressure sometimes in place to choose the right one, we've come up with 10 not too outlandish alternatives to 10 of the most common names. Hamish - The Scottish variant for James is still quite the rarity in the US.
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