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Posted on: May 11th, 2017by Arger Hart

Expecting a baby usually brings forth mixed emotions toward the family. It can be exciting and filled with joy for many parents. While for some mothers It can be shocking, filled with ambivalence for those who unplanned pregnancies. However, in terms of choosing names, it could provide a special feeling to the mom. Choosing a name and the meaning of name for the baby can be relaxing to the mother and simultaneously it could make her feel happy and complete of hopes.

There are different names and their meanings found in books. It can also be in a Baby Name books. Baby names inside books comes in a vast variety. But these books can be bulky and they don't seem to be usually updated. For those not keen on books , the net may want to be a great source for finding lots of factors including names and the meaning of certain names. You can pass to a particular and discover a name you can name your child after. It provides reliable and fast results and using is easy as compared to other paperwork where you can get the which means of name.

On that note, here is our compilation of cute girl names meaning peace;

Irene: Irene, the moniker of the Greek goddess of peace has experienced a longer term of popularity. This name was in the pinnacle 20 list for over ten years and stayed in the top one hundred for twenty greater years. The name appeals to the parents for its mid-century appeal. Irene is pronounced with 3 syllables in Denmark, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Greece.

Frideswide: Frideswide is a contemporary form of the Old English name Friðuswiþ. It is formed of the elements frip, this means that 'peace' and swib, which means 'strong'. Saint Frideswide< was an eighth century English princess who later became a nun. She is also credited with establishing the Christ Church in Oxford.

Dove: This soft sounding name, belonging to the beautiful cooing bird, has been a symbol of peace due to the fact ages. You'll get some even more first-rate choices if you translate dove into other languages. For example, in Spanish language, Dove is called Paloma, in Hebrew, it's referred to as Jonah and Jemima, in Gaelic, it's referred to as Callum and in Latin, it's called Columba.

Salome: Salome is an Aramaic name related to the Hebrew word shalom, which means 'peace'. This name has been in use since the Protestant Reformation, partly due to the fact of it being referred to in the New Testament. It was the call of the women who witnessed Jesus Christ's crucifixion and later discovered His empty tomb.

Paz: Paz, the diminutive of Pazia is an attractive child name, that means 'peace'. It originated as a title of the Virgin Mary. This name is currently represented with the aid of actresses Paz de la Huerts and Paz Vega. We would suggest you to use Pazia as the given name and Paz for the nickname. It's sure to make your child stand out from the crowd.

Shiloh: Used for both girls and boys, Shiloh is a place call that has been mentioned several times in the Old Testament. Meaning 'tranquility and peace,' Shiloh became also the site of a major civil war battle (oh the irony). This moniker earned the celebrity cred when Angelina and Brad Pit chose it for their daughter.

Serenity: Serenity is a noun name that has been growing in popularity. It's in the 53rd spot in the USA and at the tenth spot in New Mexico. Its sister call Serena has been on the baby name list since the records are being it. It peaked in the year 1997 with the 241st spot and currently ranks #412.

Winifred: Winifred is a Welsh name, meaning 'blessed peacemaking'. This name is on the verge of rediscovery and is a mega hit in English-speaking nations. It has a cute nickname choice in Winnie and a tomboyish option in Freddie. Even Jimmy Fallon used it for his daughter.

Shalom: Shalom is an exclamation used by the Jews at departure or meeting. It means 'peace'. Glamorous supermodel Shalom Harlow brought this name to the forefront, which was once limited best to Israel. And you can use Shelom or Shalvah for the nickname.

Frederica: Fredrica is a feminine variant of Frederic and means 'peaceful ruler'. It's perfect for folks who like vintage and captivating call. Farica is a lovable variation of the call Frederica and will make a nice pick for parents looking for something non-traditional for their daughter.

Jemima: Jemima is the name of the beautiful and strong daughter of Job. This moniker has been one of the most favorite aristocratic British names. It means 'dove,' the global image of peace and holds the 176th spot in Wales and England.

Olive: The moniker Olive is associated with the olive department as a symbol of peace. It may have been overshadowed by Olivia, but it has a subtle appeal of its own. It's currently in the pinnacle 100 child call list.

Paloma: The name Paloma suggests peace as it is symbolized by means of the dove. We tremendously recommend this soft name for its putting feel. Salma Hayek used this moniker as a center name for her daughter. And it's associated with the jewellery designer Paloma Picasso as nicely.

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