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Posted on: March 15th, 2018by Casey Anderson

If you have kids, you’re probably pretty familiar with a little company named Disney. If you don’t yet, you will be soon. There’s a ton of things in the Disney universe that would make great inspiration for names. Kids usually love all their programming, movies, stories etc. Most adults also love it (raises hand).

One of the incredible faucets of the Disney world is their Disney Fairies. All stemming from a small character in the Peter Pan movie, Tinkerbell, the Fairies franchise has produced multiple movies, shows, books and a ton of toys. There are tons of amazing characters. It doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

You may think it’s only for girls, but there are boys and boy like activities there as well. Thus, this is where I’m getting my most recent naming inspiration from!


Bell Inspired by Tinkerbell of course! Bell is the Slavic spelling of Belle, which means “beauty.” I think this shorter spelling makes it trendier and more relevant to this character. She’s full of sass and spunk and loves tinkering with human objects.

Rosetta This is an Italian name, said to be a diminutive of Rosa. It’s such a pretty and flowery sounding name. It means “rose.” This is very fitting for the garden talent fairy it represents here. She’s great with plants and has an endearing southern accent.

Fawn This is a soft and sweet sounding name. It means “young deer” and is quite fitting here. Fawn is an animal talent fairy that helps take care of the wildlife on Neverland. She’s got a bit of a tomboy side and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Iridessa Iridessa is a light talent fairy, she helps bring the sunshine to all the plants and animals. The name is believed to be inspired by the word iridescent, which loosely translates to “resembling a rainbow.” It’s such a lovely name and exudes radiance.

Vidia Vidia is a unique name, it’s believed to have stemmed from the Indian name Vidya, but is uncertain. As far as I know this spelling is unique to this character. She’s a fast flying fairy with a snarky attitude but a good heart. A good name for any little girl that might hold just a little bit more than sugar and spice.

Lyria Lyria is based off the instrument lyre. I also believe it’s a play off the word lyric in the Disney Fairy realm. Lyria is a storyteller fairy, like a bard. It’s a beautifully flowing name that lends well to someone who could weave a good tale.

Viola Viola is a little known character that is a summoning fairy for the Queen. Viola means “violet” like the flower. This name has rose significantly in popularity in the last year. It’s a very pretty name that is fun to say.


Terence Terence means “smooth.” In the fairy world, Terrence is Tinkerbell’s best guy friend. He has a dust talent, thus he distributes the magic fairy dust to the other fairies. I just love this name. It sounds kind and regal.

Milori A very unique and interesting name, I can’t find a meaning for it. Milori is the lord of winter in the fairy realm. He’s very dignified and I think the name exudes that as well. This would be a great stand out name.

Blaze Blaze is actually a young firefly that’s a friend of Tinkerbell. He’s spunky and fun, just like the name. It means “a flame.” Names like this are getting more popular. It’s a great name for fiery little boy.

Dewey An older name you don’t hear much, Dewey is considered a form of David, and means “beloved.” Here, he is the keeper of all fairy knowledge and presides over the library. I assume they got the name based off the Dewey Decimal system. The name definitely sounds smart.

Orren This name is either a variant of Oren, which means “pine tree” or Orrin which means “little green one.” It’s original either way. Orren is a mining talent fairy. The name sounds important and historic. I think you could expect big things from Orren.

Kyto Another name with an unknown meaning, but it sounds so exotic and edgy. I picture a stern but gentle warrior type with this name. It is the name of a dragon that repairs Mother Dove’s egg. He’s actually a bad guy, but he does fall in love with a fairy.

Dunkin Dunkin in this spelling is unknown; it’s believed to be a variant of Duncan, which means “brown battle.” However, I think it is a nod to Dunkin Donuts, because the fairy here is a baker’s talent fairy. He’s known for his patience and his baked goods.

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