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Posted on: February 15th, 2018by Casey Anderson

Another month, another list of names. F for February.

Month based baby names are certainly popular. But sometimes you want to acknowledge the month your baby was born, conceived or due, without actually naming them for that month. Or maybe there’s another reason you want to pay tribute to a month without naming your child “February.”

There’s lots of ways to do it, after all, every month is a good month to celebrate a baby. One way that’s very subtle, is just starting your baby’s name with the first letter of that month!

This one has a few more unique options. You can just pick them because you like F names, or to represent the month. You can find naming inspiration anywhere! Check out these options for names that start with F.


Finn Typically Irish and means “fair” but is becoming popular all over. There was a character with the name on Glee, and also in the new Star Wars movies. It’s hip and short. It already feels like a nickname, so anyone who knows you feels like they are already a friend.

Felix Felix means happy! What better name then that? It does sound like a fun and happy go lucky name. It reminds me of the main character in Wreck it Ralph, Fix-it Felix! He was good at looking on the bright side.

Fletcher This was a profession name, for someone who made arrows. Names based off your occupation were extremely popular throughout history. It’s not so much chosen for that now, but it is still a cool and original name.

Fyodor This is a Russian form of Theodore. A good choice if you want both an original and traditional name! It was born by several czars of Russia plus the celebrated author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It’s got a worldly feel to it. People will just assume your child is smart.

Felton This was originally a surname and basically meant “a settlement in the fields.” It has a trendy sound to it, like, old money but cool. He might not find his name on a lot of keychains but, that’s their loss.

Franco This is a cool modern version of a name like Frank, Francis or Francisco. It feels a little more “now.” It originates from a German tribe called the Franks. Franco kind of has the sound of someone who is just, way cooler than you will ever be.

Finnick The origins of the name are debated, but it first appeared on the scene in the book series, The Hunger Games. He was an amazing character. It’s believed to be derived from the name Finnegan, but that is not certain. It has a cool and new age sound to it.


Fable Fable means “story” and is the perfect name for the beginning of hers. It sounds magical like a fairytale. It’s a name that is full of potential and sounds so pretty. It would be a great name for a girl to live up to.

Faye Faye is a variant of Fay, which is derived from a word that means fairy. It has an ethereal feel to it, and we prefer the spelling with the added “e” but that’s totally optional! It’s a unique name that will still occasionally be found in various places.

Falon Originally spelled Fallon, this shorter spelling has been used more lately. It’s derived from an Irish surname of Fallamhan, which means “leader.” It was used for a character in Dynasty in the 80s, helping it gain popularity in the US. It sounds exotic and powerful, Falon will not be a girl that follows.

Fiona Fiona is said to be a feminine form of Fionn which means “fair” or “white.” It is a phonetically wonderful name, so lovely to say. And nowadays it brings up the thought of Princess Fiona from the Shrek movies. Who was both a beautiful and powerful princess.

Flora Flora means “flower” and was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. This is a sweet and earth centered name. It inhabits growth, warmth and beauty. This is a great name for a little girl.

Felicia This is a feminine form of Felix, mentioned above. So, it also means happy. The name gives off an era of sophistication and self-confidence. I think the world could use more happy, sophisticated and confident girls!

Frida This name stems from a name that means “peace.” One of the most famous bearers was Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The name has so much depth and feeling behind it. I think it would lend well to a creative type.

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