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Posted on: November 21st, 2016

With the birth of a baby, not only a new member joins the family but many new tasks too, such as infant care. Infant care doesn't means changing the diapers regularly, you need to do naval care, bathing, nails cut and choosing the right clothes for your infant. Many of the handgrips quickly become routine. Do not worry if you are still unsure at first. We'll explain in detail how you can best take care of your little darling.

You could be thinking, what should I take cloth or disposable diapers? What care needs of the baby's bottom? But do not worry: the daily changing is fast and easy. To clean the diaper area warm water is recommended. You should be cautious while using wet wipes as the additives in the wet wipes may irritate sensitive baby skin. If that happens, keep the special wound cream handy for use. To prevent diarrhea, simply leave your child more often without diapers.
The foreskin of baby boy's must not be withdrawn while cleaning sensitive parts and you should take care that you wash sensitive areas from front to back of your little angel.

In order to counteract naval inflammation, you should ensure that the umbilical cord that remains behind after birth should remain always dry. When wrapping, make sure that the umbilicus is not covered by the diaper, as this can scour and lead to inflammation. Babies should be bathed only when the navel is completely healed. Until then, it is sufficient if you carefully rub your baby with a lukewarm washcloth.

You can bathe your baby in the special baby tub or a sink once the umbilicus has healed. A few drops of baby oil or olive oil in the bath water will be good. I've also heard some mothers even give a little milk in the bath water, for particularly delicate skin. Do not bathe your child too often or it may lead to skin drying. Once per week for a maximum of 10 minutes is sufficient. The ideal bathing temperature is 37 degrees. You can use mild baby shampoo later but it is not necessary for the first time. The hidden skin folds should be properly and carefully dried.

A gentle body massage with baby oil not only nourishes baby skin and keep dryness away but also strengthens both the body and parent-child bonding. However, even for massages: less is more. You can also visit a special Baby massage course together with your baby. A small baby massage can also be useful before falling asleep.

Usually, the fingernails and toenails can be carefully cut for the first time from the age of about 6 weeks. For infant care, there are special scissors, so as not to injure the child. When the hair is a bit tight, you can then use soft baby brush. If your baby has his first tooth, you can use a so-called Fingerling and begin the dental care.

If the baby's neck is damp and warm, you should undress it to prevent heat build-up. Cool hands or ankles are a sign that your child is too cold. Use these tips to make sure your little darling stays comfortable.

Let's summary the main points:
Infant care quickly becomes routine.
Once a week bathing is enough
Massage relax the baby
Care Products: Less is more
You can also join baby care courses for proper guidance on how to deal with babies.

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