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Posted on: January 14th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Louisiana has served as a melting point for diverse cultures for many generations. For centuries, the occupants of this great land include the Creoles, Italians, Native Americans, Spaniards, Africans, the French, Haitians, and Cajuns from Canada. These groups have created a unique cultural identity that defines this state. However, free movement across the American states has led to the immigration of many other cultures who have also contributed to the new culture of Louisiana. The cultural changes in Louisiana are attributed to the influence of this new group of immigrants.

Over the years, American has built a solid culture that cuts across all the ethnic, racial, and regional groups. Looking at the most popular baby names in Louisiana in 2017, according to Social Security Administration, an American in the Midwest or in the north can easily identity with them. In fact, the top five names in 2017 in Louisiana are the same names that dominated the top five for the entire nation in the same year and the year that followed. Below is a sneak peak of the five most popular names in Louisiana in 2017 and 2018 for the baby boys and another five for the baby girls.

Boy Names

In 2017, Liam was the most popular name in Louisiana for baby boys. Later in 2018, the name still remained in the top five most popular names. Liam is an Irish name that means strong-willed. It is elegant and easy to use. The name has stayed in the top tier in the US since 2013 mainly due to the influence of pop culture which has swept across America lately. Come 2019, Liam is likely to remain in the top category of most popular names for baby boys in the state of Louisiana.

Noah came after Liam in 2017, but went one spot lower in 2018. Noah is an old Hebrew name that means rest and comfort. Like Liam, the popularity of this name is linked to the influence of the American pop culture. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the people in the south are not from the Jewish race yet they have fully embraced this name.

A name like Mason does not have any special meaning that can be cited for its popularity. Yet, it comes third in the 2017 list provided by the Social Security Administration. The people of Louisiana loved the name so much that it had to remain in the top ten in the year 2018 and is likely to keep its place in 2019.

Elijah is an old Hebrew name that means Yahweh is God. This name began to rise in the American lists of popular names in the early 20th century. This steady rise has seen it occupy the top one hundred lists of most popular names across many American states. In Louisiana, it was at position four in 2017 and three later in 2018.

Closing on the top five for popular names for baby boys in 2017 is the name William. This was a common name in the middle ages in Western Europe. It bears the same meaning as Liam. In fact, Liam is a shortened version of William. Despite being an Old German name, William has found its place with the people of Louisiana.

Next in the list of boys names in Louisian are: James, John, Luke, Carter, Grayson, Wyatt, Joseph, Aiden, Logan, Michael, Benjamin, Jacob, Eli, Christopher, Jaxon, Oliver, Ethan, Kingston, Jayden, Gabriel, Jackson, Matthew, Levi, Josiah, Owen, Cameron, Christian, Joshua, Bryson, Dylan, Lucas, Alexander, Thomas, David, Jace, Samuel, Henry, Isaiah, Landon, Anthony, Daniel, Easton, Charles, Hudson and Andrew

Girl Names

The most popular name for baby girls in Louisiana in 2017 was Olivia. In the same year, Oliviaalso doubled up as the third most popular name for baby girls across the US. Olivia is a timeless name with its roots from the olive tree, the sources of sweet wine. This name expresses beauty and class. Many moms who responded to this name were motivated by its class and the desire to inspire beauty in their young ones.

The second most popular name in Louisiana was Ava. It was also the second most popular across America. Ava is a Hebrew name that means life. In essence, this name means freedom, ambition, and open wings. Life is about enjoyment, taking risks, and love. These attributes are expressed in the name Ava. The significance of this name is to inspire the young girl to live her life to the full and for her enjoyment. In Latin, Ava means bird. Calling a little girl a bird is one of the most powerful statements over her life. It inspires her to spread her wings larger and break any barriers that would limit her potential.

At position three is the name Emma. Meanwhile, Emma was also the most popular name for baby girls in America, a spot it had held for about four years running. Emma means universal or whole. The name is simply elegant and this probably contributed to its status among the Louisiana people. The name traces its origin from the Old Germanic culture. Louisiana is a conglomeration of many cultures; however, German culture has little or no influence on the state culture. Thus, the popularity of this name in the State of Louisiana is only attributed to the media and the popular pop culture.

Amelia was the fourth most popular name for baby girls in the State of Louisiana in 2017. The following year, it came down two spots but remained largely popular in the major cities. Amelia is a Latin name that means industrious. This is a unique name since it takes a diversion from the usual pattern of naming. Instead of expressing beauty and feminine charm, it seeks to reinforce character. An industrious woman is very powerful and acts as a source of comfort for her family.

Harper is a Middle English name. Initially, it was used as a surname before it gained use as a given name. Harper is an occupational name that was derived from the profession of playing harps or similar stringed instruments. Hence, the name Harper means the source of music. Music is the medicine of the soul. Naming your baby Harper has the effect of creating a powerful image of an individual who heals the souls of others. It inspires the virtuous of empathy, understanding, compassion, and love. Moreover, it evokes the desire to be creative and artistic.

Next in the ranking are: Charlotte, Avery, Isabella, Sophia, Elizabeth, Chloe, Ella, Evelyn, Caroline, Aubree, Mia, Brooklyn, Lillian, Aubrey, Paisley, Abigail, Audrey, Riley, Layla, Madison, Skylar, Ellie, Addison, Emily, Zoe, Bella, Kinsley, Stella, Scarlett, Anna, Eleanor, Aria, Khloe, Sadie, Grace, Nevaeh, Autumn, Zoey, Kennedy, Nora, Londyn, Savannah, Ryleigh, Camille and Lily

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