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Posted on: January 1st, 2018by Casey Anderson

Month names have been around for a while, they make particularly popular middle names. But we think some of them could shine as first names. We also think there are plenty of month inspired names that are more than just the name of the month.

Most of the month names came from the Romans and the source of some of them make excellent baby names. They can be both unique and historical. People want month names for all kinds of reasons, the month the baby is to be born in, the month they were conceived, the birth or death month of a loved one, the month of a marriage or other life event, and even just because they like the sound of them.

May be it's a family thing, and every generation has month names. Maybe you want to keep the tradition alive without having to name your baby June the 8th. If so, here are some ideas to help you out!

Kalendae This word referred to the first day of each month, when debts were due for the Romans. It is the source for our word 'calendar.' We think it would make a great name for a boy or a girl, they could be Kal, Kale, Lendae or another nick name too.

Janus This comes from Roman god of beginnings and gateways. Which is where the name January is sourced from. Every baby is a new beginning, so this one is great. Another that we think would work for boy or girl.

Februa This source for our month name February represents a Feast of purification. It was a Roman day for ritual washing. This one may be a little more rare, but could be a sweet name for a little girl.

Martius This is an interesting choice that seems like Martin but keeps it much more interesting. This was the Roman name for March, coming from Mars, the Roman god of war and agriculture. The month is so named because this was the beginning of the New Year and the time when ground would thaw. Thus farmers could begin cultivating and armies could return to marching to war.

April This month name is used a lot as is. It's a pretty name that gives visions of spring time. The source of this name is well debated. One theory is that the name comes from the verb 'Aperire' which means 'to open.' April is the month where many flowers began to open and bloom.

Maia Maia is the Roman goddess of spring and that which the month of May is named after. You can always name your child May but a more original idea would be Maia. It also means 'the great one.'

May An actual month name, but a good one. It is commonly used as a middle name and sometimes spelled Mae. It's a very good name for little girls.

June This is another great and well utilized month name on its own. It's a little old fashioned nowadays but is found as a middle name.

Juno This is the source of the name for the month of June, it comes from Juno, the Roman goddess who is considered queen of the gods. She's also the goddess of marriage and the well-being of women. This is perhaps why many weddings are planned in June.

Quintilis or Quint This means fifth month for the Romans. It was the original name for July. Quintilis is nearly an unheard of name and even Quint is rather rare. It was used in Jaws however. So this would be a unique way to utilize a month name.

Julius This one is a more commonly used month name for July. The month named was changed for Julius Caesar. Julius is a very sophisticated sounding name for any boy.

August This month name has been used periodically for boys. It has warm and breezy sort of feel, like the month. I would kind of expect a boy named August to be a little artsy.

Augustus The source of the August name, this is from Augustus Caesar. It means 'great or Venerable.'

Septembre This was sometimes used for boys born in the month of September, or born as the seventh son. It means seventh month, as in the early Roman calendar it was the seventh month of the year. There are also other seventh names like Septimus.

October October as a first name is uncommon but heard of. It's the Roman word for eight. There are also a few rare instances of the name Tober, that could be considered.

Novem This name means nine, coinciding with what was the nineth month of the early Roman calendar. It's a unique name for a boy, he probably won't find his name on any key chains but he will feel like an original.

December This name means 'tenth month' for the early Roman calendar. It's actually not that uncommon of a name for girls. Other versions or nick names could be Dece or Ember.

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