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Posted on: December 21st, 2018by Elizabeth Henderson

The beauty of a name is found in its elegance, simplicity, and meaning. Arab names are rich in culture and faith. In fact, an intonation or a letter can completely alter the meaning of a name. In the Middle Eastern ancient culture, most of the names were inspired by nature and the environment. Thus, many children were named after nature and animals with admirable characteristics. The idea behind this practice was that the favourable attributes of the natural elements would inspire virtue in the children on their journey to adulthood. The community avoided names of animals and other natural elements that were seen to bear unwanted attributes like being silly, foolish, corny, gluttonous, greed among others. Below are the ten most beautiful Arab names, their meanings, and origins.

Mahra is a beautiful name used for the female child. In Arab language, Mahra means the female baby horse. The horse is part and parcel of the Arab culture and history. It is an important animal who appears in ancient history, fairytales, and oral traditions. Mahra represents beauty, grace, and elegance. The elegance of this name has found its use even in some Arab royal families. For instance, the daughter of the political head of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, gave it to his daughter. Nevertheless, the name is not confined to any social class; any new mom can use it for the baby as long as she can connect with its meaning and its significance in the Arabic culture.

Karim means generous and is given to the baby boys. Karim is common in the Arabic culture; however, it also finds its roots in the Islamic faith. It is one of the many names in Arabic culture that have been influenced by Islam. In Islam, Karim is considered one of the sacred 99 names that God revealed to humanity to be used to refer to him. When you call your child with this name, you are affirming that God is generous: to give you a son and to provide for your family. Hence, the use of the name is a proclamation of faith in God as a provider.

Nadia means delicate and tender. It is mostly used for baby girls in the eastern European counties like Russia and Bulgaria. The root of this name is Nada which in Arabic language means dew. The morning dew is tender, beautiful, and delicate. It does not last long to sustain the morning rays from the sun. The meaning of this name does not inspire much. Probably, its popularity is anchored on its elegance and simplicity. Moreover, it also expresses the tender beauty of a girl.

Fahed is a name for the male child is that is derived from the leopard. When you give this name to your baby boy, you will practically be calling him the leopard. The name demonstrates supremacy and power. The leopard is one of the rulers of the jungle. It has one of the most powerful paws and feet. For human beings, this name could denote talent, gifts, political, or economic power. When the child gets to know the meaning of his name, it will mostly likely affect his personality. He would always want to carry himself as someone who bears power and is supreme over his peers. Positively, he would strive to be the best in school, in the field, and to adopt the best behaviour.

Daysam is a beautiful name, though a little rare, for the baby boy. The name has several meanings in Arabic culture. It is used to refer to a baby bear. To get the deeper meaning of this name, one has to understand the attributes of a bear. Bears share friendship, security, and resources. Moreover, they are intelligent and highly social animals. Therefore, Daysam means the intelligent one, the social one, and the generous one. It mixes three characteristics that are important for an individual to be a leader in the society. This means that if you are born a Daysam, you are a natural born leader. Other than provision and intelligence, you are also a source of security for the family and the community.

Hadi is another Arab name inspired by faith. It is one of the 99 names that are used to bring out the attributes of God. The name Hadi means who gifts. In Arabic culture, it means that God gifted the world religion as a powerful tool for sustaining their hope in life. If your name is Hadi, you should consider yourself a gift from God. This name is appropriate for most mothers who have been made to wait for very long before they can enjoy the beauty of motherhood. Indeed, to them, the baby is a gift which deserves appreciation.

Shaden is charming name for the baby girl. It is also poetic in nature. Shaden is the name for a baby gazelle that has grown strong enough to wonder alone on the wild. In essence, it denotes independence. In addition, it demonstrates grace and strength. It is mostly common in the Gulf countries. Shaden is an elegant name for the baby girl which confers on her the attributes of grace, strength, and independence. It talks to the girl by telling her that she can grow wings and mount up in the sky. It goes against the cultural believe that girls are weaker than boy; hence, they must often depend on them for survival. The meaning of this name shouts out to the girl that she has the power to create her own unique identity.

Dalia is a beautiful name for the baby girls. It gets its roots from both the Hebrew and Arabic culture. The name is associated with vineyard. It brings out the exquisite and soft feeling of the grape juice. Amal is an Arab name that means hope. It is meant for the female gender. If your name is Amal then you are a hope to your society and your family. What a wonderful experience! Every time they call your name they see hope in you, your present and future endeavours. Maha is a name that denotes the physical attributes of the newborn. The name Maha means the girl with big black eyes. Moreover, it also referrers to the girl as a special jewel since getting babies with such beautiful eyes is an uncommon phenomenon.

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