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Posted on: November 7th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Another movie franchise in the Marvel universe that has been topping charts lately is Guardians of the Galaxy. If you haven't seen the second one, it's as good if not better, than the first. So, it's another great source of name inspiration for us comic nerds, or super hero movie nerds, or just anyone who likes cool names.

These will be unique and memorable. Your child might not be able to find pencils with their names on it but they will find lots of awesome memorabilia with the likeness of the character they are named after. Plus the movies and comics to refer to.

Also, what kid wouldn't want to be named after an intergalactic super hero, or villain? How fun is that! Some of the names are crazy, and some are just a little left of normal. What do you think? Are these too extreme for you or just different enough?


Drax Not an established name, it's used for a member of the group here. Drax the Destroyer! He's a good guy. What a great name is that for a little boy? Drax just sounds cool. No one is going to mess with this kid. Especially if 'the Destroyer' becomes part of his nick name.

Vance This means 'from the moors.' Not an unheard of name but still rather uncommon. He's Vance Astro in the comics, one of the original Guardians. This name has style and always makes me think of an actor. He's not utilized in the movies but comic fans will know the reference.

Ronan This is a Celtic name that means 'pledge.' For this it's based off Ronan the Accuser. He alternates being seen as a villain and an honorable character. He is an officer of the Kree alien race. He's more of a sympathetic character in the comics than the movies. It's a cool character to be named after.

Beta Ray This one is a bit over the top, but I could see it catching on. He's an alien warrior who is the first outside of Marvel's Norse pantheon to wield the hammer of Thor. He eventually gains a war hammer of his own and becomes allies with Thor. So, if you want your son to exude the power of Thor, without the obvious name'this is a good choice.

Yondu This one you're going for if you're really committed to giving your kid a comic based and original sounding name. But it is really unique and awesome. Plus, this character had such a pivotal role in the recent movie, he's a superstar. The name seems made up for this role, so I don't have a meaning. The comic character vs the movie character is completely different also, but both great.


Gamora The popular female lead in the recent movies, Gamora's name doesn't seem to be sourced from anywhere. However, it sounds awesome, so you should use it. She's a kick butt character and the last of her race. A good inspiration for any girl and most people will have heard of her. She'll find the likeness everywhere.

Aleta Aleta Ogord is an Arcturian and an unofficial member of the group. The name means 'truthful.' It's a pretty sounding name and one that would not be obviously linked to the Marvel Universe if you wanted to be sly about it. It also lends to nice nicknames, Ale and Leta.

Nebula A little more out there, this name means 'little cloud' or 'mist.' The character in the comics is a bit different than the one portrayed in the movies. But, still cool and an interesting name. If it's too much for your young daughter to get the hang of at first you could always call her Bula.

Carina Not a Guardian, but still a notable character. Carina is the unwilling aide to The Collector. And goes out in the recent movie in a bit of a blaze of glory, so to speak. The name Carina means 'beloved' and is Scandinavian in origin. Maybe not the most inspirational character, but she is memorable and it is a pretty name.

Irani Irani is the Nova Prime in charge of the Nova Corps, the policing of the galaxy so to speak. She's a powerful woman and a good leader and protector of her people. I can't find a meaning for the name spelled precisely like that. However it still sounds cool and would be a good name for any girl who's going to grow into a powerful woman.

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