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Posted on: December 25th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Towards the end of December here we all start thinking about new beginnings, a chance to start over in the new year. People make resolutions and plans, sometimes life changing decisions. There's just this air of opportunity and change.

We think that's similar to the way some people feel when they are planning for their new baby. You have a whole new life to imagine. All the things you will teach your baby and help them experience. Once they are born, everything is new to them and thus everything because new to you as well. You see the world through new eyes.

So, the birth of a baby is a bit of a rebirth for the parents too. To honor that new beginning sort of feeling, we've put together a list of names inspired by it. See if you think any of those would work for your new bundle of joy.


Alba Alba means 'dawn/sunrise' in Spanish. So if you like the name Dawn but want something a little more original for your little girl, this is a good choice. It's very pretty, unique and yet recognizable.

Amaryllis This one means 'new and fresh' in Greek. It's also the name of a beautiful flower that you often see around Christmas time. They have large usually red blooms. This is a great name for Christmas, New Year's or Easter season baby! Or any little girl. Your little girl may never meet another with this name.

Dagny An unusual sounding name with Scandinavian roots, Dagny means 'new day or new beginning.' This is a perfect name for a New Year's time baby. Or any other time because of course, every baby is a new beginning. The name is unique and beautiful.

Iola This old fashioned name means 'violet dawn.' What a gorgeous image! The last time it was seen in popular culture was the Mama's Family TV show but we feel like it could be poised for a comeback. People want original names without having to pick anything too 'out there.' Iola is both grace and beauty.

Nyssa A common name in Greece, this means 'inception, beginning.' It's not yet very popular outside the country but we think it should be. It feels soft and sweet. It has increased in popularity since appearing in the Doctor Who TV series.

Zora This is a Slavic name one that means 'day break, sunrise.' It's a beautiful and intense sounding short name. One of its namesakes is Zora Neale Hurston, an impactful African American writer. The name is mostly common in Slavic speaking nations.

Oriana This lyrical sounding medieval name means 'golden sunrise.' Such a lovely vision. It was very popular in use for seventeenth century plays and often attributed to the beautiful love interest.


Altan Altan means 'red dawn' which is another beautiful image. The name is Turkish in origin but is increasing in use in other countries. It's still rare enough to be original though. It has been used for girls but is more typically considered a boy's name. Altan feels like someone who has lots of potential.

Arata This is a Japanese name that means 'new or fresh.' It's a fairly common name in Japan but would seem original and bold in any other country. If you want your boy to stand out and seem like a fresh new thing, this is a perfect pick.

Neander This extremely original name from Greece means 'new man.' It's exceptionally rare and you can be on the edge of this bold new trendy name. Set your new little man up for success and originality!

Ordell A decidedly old-fashioned name, it has that vintage feel that is often perfect. It means 'beginning' and though not currently on the rise, it's a very lovely name. It's classic yet feels modern. Original yet sounds familiar. A very special choice.

Tan This short spunky name is currently all the rage in Vietnam. It means 'new' and is a perfect name for any set of parents wanting to avoid something 'frilly' for their little boy. It sounds very trendy and we think it would be a big hit.

ZoranZora above, this Slavic name means 'dawn.' It's popular in many countries, but America is not yet one of them. If you're here, you could be one of the first to name your kid this fun sounding name!

Vihann This extremely original Sanskrit name means 'beginning of a new dawn.' This is a very applicable phrase for parenthood and your new little baby. He could be called Vi for short, or Hann, both sound very fashionable.

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