100+ Water inspired baby names

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Water is one of nature's most soothing and beautiful elements, and its calming influence can provide a tranquil aura to your child's name. From names inspired by the sea and ocean to those that evoke the freshness of rivers and lakes, there are many beautiful ideas to choose from. In this article, we'll explore some of the best baby names inspired by water for your precious bundle of joy.

Boy names inspired by water

Whether you're looking for a name inspired by the ocean, rivers, lakes, or rain, this list has something for everyone. From classic names like Ocean and River to more modern options like Cascade and Reef, there are plenty of great choices to choose from. Keep reading to find the perfect name for your little one!

1.  Trenten

The name is of Latin origin meaning “gushing waters”.

2.  Nalin

This male Indian name traces its roots back to Sanskrit and means “flowering lotus” which often blooms in still water or on muddy riverbanks.

3.  Fontaine

Means fountain or spring in French, representing a source of running water.

4.  Kano

Meaning 'the God of the waters' in Japanese, this traditional choice harks back centuries.

5.  Earvin

A name of Gaelic origin meaning "green or fresh water".

6.  Acheron

Derived from Greek Mythology as one of five rivers in Hades leading souls to afterlife; it also stands for pain and affliction.

7.  Wells

Wells comes from the Middle English word meaning 'spring' or 'stream.' It's often used as a surname, but can make for an interesting first name too!

8.  Irvin

Originally Irish Gaelic, Irvin references salmon fishing - it can be translated as “fresh-water” or "wet lands".

9.  Dover

This English baby name means "the waters" and was originally derived from a town called Dover, located near the River Thames.

10.  Doulgas

Gaelic for dark water or black stream, this gentle sounding moniker is perfect for your little one!

11.  Conway

The Welsh origin name is believed to mean "holy water".

12.  Ford

Ford has an Old English origin meaning ‘ford by a river’; referring to crossing over narrow bodies of water such as rivers.

13.  Kenn

Another word for white water which refers either to rapids on streams or clear mountain lakes surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

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14.  Rodney

It is a German name meaning Roda's island. It can also mean "island near the clearing"

15.  Varun

It is the name of Hindu God of water. The name means Lord of the Waters or Ocean in Sanskrit.

16.  Aban

An Iranian name that translates to mean "clear waters".

17.  Marwood

It is thought to have been inspired by words related to the shoreline such as mar - which refers to sand/sea or mere – lake.

18.  Caspian

A regal sounding baby name inspired by the Caspian Sea, which was named for its location beside the ancient city of Qazvin in what is now Iran.

19.  Fisher

It derives from an Old English surname and could be used for either boy or girl as a nod to water fowl hunting or fishing.

20.  Pegasus

Pegasus was an immortal horse in Greek mythology who created springs by striking his hoof against stone, making this an excellent mythical baby name choice with aquatic associations.

21.  Kelwin

It is a name of Germanic origin meaning “friend of the sea” or "from the narrow river".

22.  Exton

It is an English name derived from Old English which means “from the river town”. This unique and strong sounding name is perfect for any baby who loves rivers and seaside towns.

23.  Ronja

A unique Scandinavian name that means “lake” in Swedish and Norwegian. It's perfect for a baby inspired by the timeless beauty of waves crashing against the shore.

24.  Pavati

It is a Native American name that comes from the Hopi language, meaning "clear water" - perfect for any baby inspired by the calming presence of water.

Girl names inspired by water

While there are many traditional names to choose from, you may want to consider something unique and special that reflects your love for water. Here, we look at some of the most beautiful girl names inspired by water. From classic names like Ocean and Lake to more exotic options such as Mara and Cora, there is something here to suit every taste.

25.  Maristela

The beautiful name is of Spanish origin meaning “sea star”.

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26.  Chantara

The modern sounding poetic name means "moon water".

27.  Soo

It is a Korean name meaning “water” or “rain”. It is a short and sweet sounding name that is perfect for a baby born near the ocean or a river.

28.  Katniss

It has Greek origin and means "aquatic plant". This name is inspired by the character of Katniss Everdeen from the popular Hunger Games series.

29.  Jara

Jara is a Slavic name meaning “rockrose” or "spring".

30.  Avila

Of German origin meaning "island, water or desired," a perfect fit for short and sweet two-syllable name.

31.  Anahita

Has Persian origins referring to goddesses associated with fertility and wisdom of flowing waters.

32.  Akemi

Originates from Japan and literally translates to ‘bright sea’ with ocean-inspired connotations.

33.  Muna

A Native-American name that translates to 'overflowing spring'. And "wish or desire" in Arabic.

34.  Merlyn

Comes from Welsh legend about King Arthur's advisor and magician who lived near Lake Issicauna. It means "sea fortress".

The common meaning of the name is ploughman or son of the earth. But it can also mean water in Aboriginal.

35.  Aquarius

Latin for “water bearer” this constellation symbolizes carrying water through time and space across cultures .

36.  Ondine

From French mythology, Ondine is a water goddess who lives in and near the sea.

37.  Nereida

This beautiful Spanish female baby name expresses admiration towards magical power of marine life beneath cresting waves — its literal translation reads similar to sea nymph.

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38.  Ama

Ama is a West African Akan-language name meaning ‘water’ but can also mean "born on Saturday".

39.  Ria

The name originates in Spanish language and stands for river or stream flowing into an ocean.

40.  Naida

This name is derived from the Greek word for "water nymph" and symbolizes beauty, grace, and tranquility.

41.  Moselle

This Hebrew inspired title derives From Moses who led his people through raging seas during Exodus.

42.  Meriel

It is a Welsh name meaning "sea-brightness", referring to its shimmering quality.

43.  Maryn

English roots connected with Mary - believed by some cultures to have magical healing powers when combined with sacred waters such as those found at river banks & other bodies Of liquid. Marianne can be another option.

44.  Joslyn

Old German origins derived from Gaut plus lindi which translates as bright and clear-headed as still waters! Spelling variants include Joslin, Jozlyn and Joycelin

45.  Delphine

This Greek name means ‘dolphin’ and symbolizes grace in water.

46.  Cleone

A Greek name derived from Klyōn, meaning 'glory' and 'honour'. It is also the name water nymph in Greek mythology.

47.  Aveline

Comes from Germanic origins and means “hazelnut”, signifying the nut-bearing trees often found growing near shorelines or along riversides. It also mean "island".

48.  Talia

It is Hebrew for “dew from heaven”, honoring the misty morning dew that gathers on surfaces near bodies of water.

49.  Ava

Ava is of Latin origin and means "like a bird". It also means "water" and "isalnd". It reflects the freedom and grace associated with water.

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50.  Maya

This Hebrew name is derived from the word 'Mayim', which means water. It’s also the name of a Hindu goddess associated with beauty, fertility and the creative power of water.

51.  Chanel

This French name is a combination of the words ‘Canal’ and ‘Hel’, both meaning water or channel.

52.  Coral

Derived from the Latin word for sea creature, this name represents beauty of the ocean depths.

53.  Doris

This Greek goddess of the sea was known as a protector of sailors. Her name derives from dōron meaning gift or offering.

54.  Eileen

Irish origin describing someone who is blessed by God with good luck in life. It also mean desired or island - often associated with an abundance of calm waters.

55.  Kaitlynn

Ancient Gaelic variation on Katherine meaning pure. It also has a connection to water through its lynn ending that translates to lake.

56.  Margo

Dutch origins linked to pearl-like drops of morning dew collected on flowers (maris). Other variations include Marigold and Marigolta.

57.  Naia

The Spanish word "Nayarit" Means "river's daughter" - perhaps The ideal choice if you're after Something exotic yet meaningful In honor Of your little one's arrival.

58.  Nixie

Derived from Germanic folklore, this name refers to mischievous water spirits who often lure people into danger with their beautiful singing voices.

59.  Oceana

A variation of Oceanus which comes from Greek mythology; it means “ocean” or “sea”.

60.  Rosemary

Derived from the Latin rosmarinus, meaning "dew of the sea". This name is a beautiful homage to the power and beauty of water.

61.  Tahnee

Derived from Australian Aboriginal language , the word implies running waters.

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62.  Tallulah

Native American origin , it literally translates to " leaping waters ".

63.  Brynna

THe two syllable names has Welsh roots and translates to "little drop of water"

64.  Mame

Mame stands for star of the sea in Latin and could be used if you plan to have your little one grow up close to ocean shores .

65.  Yara

Yara comes from Arabic origin meaning ‘small butterfly’ or 'water lady'.

66.  Zarya

A Slavic name derived from the word zary, meaning 'dawn'. It symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts. In mythology, it is the name of a water goddess.


67.  Kishi

Of Japanese origin and can be interpreted as beach or seashore.

68.  Darice

Derived from Persian, it is the feminine form of Darius, meaning "the sea".

69.  Jahnavi

The name represents Holy River Ganges originating in Sanskrit culture.

70.  Katara

This name means "water droplet" and is popular anime character in the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series.

71.  Picabo

A Native American place name derived from a Shoshone word meaning “shining water”.

72.  Saraswati

It is th name of Hindu goddess of knowledge and wisdom and the name also means "possessing water".

73.  Analyn

The Filipino name has Hebrew roots and is a combination of Anna and Lynn and meand "from the graceful lake".

74.  Nebraska

A Native American name of Sioux origin meaning “flat water”.

75.  Neeraj

It is an Indian name meaning “lotus” and is often given to babies born near a pond or lake. A name that is closely associated with water and the beauty and tranquility of nature.

76.  Aarna

It is a beautiful name of Indian origin meaning “wave”.

77.  Alara

Alara is a strong name of Turkish origin meaning “water fairy”.

78.  Nairobi

It is an African place name derived from the Maasai phrase enkare nyorobi, meaning “the place of cool waters”.

Unisex names inspired by water

From the ocean to the rainforest, water is an important part of life and makes for some beautiful and unique baby names. Here are some gender-neutral baby names inspired by water that you can choose from.

79.  Clarence

Of French origin, this classic moniker can be taken to mean “bright one of the riverbank” - making it a perfect water-inspired pick!

80.  Whitney

Derived from an Old English place name, Whitney is thought to mean ‘white island’ or ‘white meadow.’

81.  Ren

It is a Japanese unisex name meaning "water lily".

82.  Lamar

French origin which comes from la mer meaning "the sea" - recognizable yet peaceful sound makes it an ideal choice!

83.  Glyn

Welsh origin connected to the word glân which means valley of eater or pure – referring to crystal clear aquamarine waters!

84.  Brooke

Derived from Old English, meaning "stream" or "small river". It celebrates the peaceful beauty found in water.

85.  Lynn

A gender-neutral name derived from Welsh and Irish origins. It means "lake or pool" and is inspired by the beauty of water. Lynn evokes peacefulness, serenity, and strength.

86.  Jordan

Hebrew name related to the river Jordan, which flows from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. It has come to be used as both a unisex and male name meaning “descending” or “ flowing down”.

87.  Evelyn

A name of English origin, derived from Aveline meaning "wished for child". It's a beautiful water-inspired name associated with the Latin word aqua, which means "water".

88.  Arthur

Of Celtic origin and means "bear". It symbolizes strength and courage. In modern day it can be associated with Arthur Curry aka Aquaman from DCEU.

89.  Ara

Has its roots in Middle Eastern languages and translates to “brings rain”, implying a connection to natural rainfall that helps nurture bodies of water around us.

90.  Calder

Has Scottish origins and stands for “rough waters” – an appropriate moniker inspired by turbulent oceans or unpredictable rivers!

91.  Lian

It is a German and Arabic name meaning "the water" and "land famous".

92.  Marlow

It is an English given name rooted in Old English, translating to “driftwood”. The name has seen a spike in popularity over the last decade

93.  Moses

It is an ancient Hebrew name meaning “son of” and derived from the Egyptian god of water, signifying divine power.

94.  River

An English baby-name that signifies the flow of water through landforms like rivers and streams.

95.  Wade

Of Anglo-Saxon descent ; Wade denotes crossing through shallow body of water.

96.  Winter

This baby name has Latin roots and translates to mean “born in winter.” But the word itself came from German wod meaning "time of water."

97.  Wylie

This unisex name derives from the Welsh, meaning "well-watered meadow" compriing of elements wilig and leah.

98.  Jordy

A Dutch name that translates literally into ‘flowing down’ – this could refer to how a fast stream flows downwards or even being born during times when there were heavy rainfalls.

99.  Heli

Heli derives from Greek mythology; it was previously connected with Apollo (the sun god) who also crossed into waters during his journey around the world. Also it is the name of a Welsh town meaning "saltwater pool".

100.  Lake

It originates from Latin language where it meant simply "lake" - large body of standing fresh or salt water without any connection to river source.

101.  Neptune

It is a Roman god of the sea who was named after his Greek counterpart Poseidon. The name means 'water', making it an ideal option for water-inspired baby names.

102.  Maayan

A Hebrew unisex name taken from the root meaning "spring or fountain of water". In Jewish tradition, it symbolizes fertility and renewal.

103.  Rayan

An Arabic name meaning “watered” or "well-watered". The origin of this name could be derived from the phrase “rayyan al-mubarak” which means “the most blessed of all sources of water”.

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