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Posted on: December 21st, 2017by Casey Anderson

Football season is well under way here in the USA. It's one of the country's most popular sports. Where I live, we typically root for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tons of little boys, and even some little girls, look up to these players as role models. It's a path to greatness that seems so achievable. Many of these players started from humble roots and rose to be superstars. Lots of people find that very inspiring!

If you are one of those people, or you just happen to love the game, then you should consider naming one of your kids after some of the year's great players. It's something they'll enjoy talking about in their slightly older years. Perhaps it will lend them some ambition to try to be their own kind of celebrity.

For this I'm just going to focus on the AFC. We'll do the NFC another time.

Terrance Terrance West of the Baltimore Ravens is considered by some one of the most important players of 2017. I don't know enough about football to judge that, but, it is a very dashing sounding name. It sounds sophisticated and gentlemanly. Its meaning is unknown, so, make up your own.

Cedric Cedric Ogbuehi, an offensive tackle on the Cincinnati Bengals, is one of the players expected to do good things this year. This is another name with an unknown meaning. But it sounds exciting. It's also been used in Harry Potter so has been popular because of that.

Myles Myles Garrett from the Cleveland Browns is considered an important player for this year as well. We happen to like the name. Often spelled Miles, we think this alternative spelling brings a whole new freshness to the name. The meaning is uncertain but both 'gracious' and 'soldier' have been liked to it.

Antonio Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers is a household name where I come from. It's such a sophisticated sounding name, and its bearer here has an impressive record. The name itself means 'worthy of praise.' What's not to like here?

Lamar Lamar Miller of the Houston Texans is one of the most talked about people on the team this year. The name just sounds like a popular sort of guy. It means 'of the sea.' We think it would be a great choice.

Clayton Clayton Gathers of the Indianapolis Colts is considered one of the most important players on the defense of the team. We love the name Clayton, it sounds smarts. It also sounds kind of rich, and wouldn't you love that for your kid? The name actually means 'from the clay town.'

Leonard Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguars is another popular player. The name Leonard means 'brave lion' which is pretty powerful! The name itself is not particular popular right now, but we think it should be moving up. The popular show Big Bang Theory has Leonard as a main character, and with the somewhat recent death of Leonard Cohen the name has been used more.

Derrick Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans is expected to do good things this year. This name has risen in popularity this year and is expected to continue. It's a solid name that calls your attention to the person. The name even means 'ruler.' Choose it now before it becomes so popular everyone uses it!

Jay Jay Ajayi was questionable previously with the Miami Dolphins but he got his act together and is one of the most important players now. The name Jay was originally a nick name but has come into its own. It comes from the jaybird. It's one of those short but punchy names that are becoming more popular.

Travis Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs is one of their most popular players. It has one of those down home good old boy sort of feelings. Travis seems like someone that everyone will probably like right away. The name has debated meaning, but one of them is 'collector of toll.' We think this is a good choice.

Nate Nate Solder is starting left tackle for the New England Patriots. He helps protect quarterback Tom Brady. Nate is a name that sounds very friendly and likable. It makes Nate seem like an easy going guy. It means 'God gives' and is originally a short form of Nathan but has been used on its own.

Cory Cory James of the Oakland Raiders is hoped to be a great for this year. He has shown promise and they are hoping he will help them towards a winning year. The name Cory is soft sounding, like a smart and quiet boy. The name has unknown origin but has been rather popular for some time.

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