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Posted on: November 27th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! It reminds us all that change can be beautiful. This can be useful any time, and being pregnant I'm sure is no exception. Lots of changes going on with your body and not all of them are welcoming. But you know it's going to end with an adorable bundle of joy, so that makes it all worth it right?

If you're like me and you love the colors of the leaves, the tastes of pumpkin spice and apple cider, love hayrides and carving pumpkins and treat or treating and all the other joys of the season, then you might want to choose a Fall themed name for your baby.

Whether your baby is due in the Autumn season, conceived in the season, or you just like and want to honor it, there are lots of unique and common names that can help you do so. I'm hoping that no one ends up naming their baby Pumpkin Spice, so to help avoid that, here are so suggestions.


Autumn This is the most obvious, and the most popular fall season name. It sounds crisp and full of color and fun. It's a name that manages to both seem soft and powerful. It's fairly common but there is still a good chance your daughter would be the only one in her class with this name. It's classic and unique.

Amber This name is a great color descriptor for the fall leaves. It also refers to the fossilized resin that is sometimes used for perfume. It's a name that just feels like fall and has its own quiet beauty.

Persephone In Greek mythology Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Queen of the Harvest. It is due to her that we have fruits, vegetables and grains to harvest each year, according to the story. So, this is a very Fall themed name, pretty and unique. Might be hard to teach your daughter to say and spell, but once she gets it down it will be quite regal.

Pomona This is the Roman goddess of the garden and orchard harvest. Oddly specific I know, but fitting for Autumn. Many fruits are harvested now. The name itself is so distinctive and special sounding. I think it's a perfect choice for a Fall baby.

Apple Speaking of the fruit harvest! Around here Fall basically means apples. Apple pie, apple butter, apple dumplings, apple ice cream'the list goes on and on. Nothing says fall more than apples to me though. So, what a perfect choice! It's a sweet name, gaining in popularity since used by Gwyneth Paltrow to name her little girl. It's a name we can get behind!


Salem This is actually a Biblical place name meaning 'peace.' But, for the fall season of course it makes us think of the Salem Witch Trials. Salem has always seemed a spooky place since then, and the city runs with that. So, it's a halloweeny fall name, but also a respected historical name as well. Unique for any boy.

Rusty Rusty is a nice color descriptor of all the turning leaves. It also brings to mind the barrels of apples with their rusty hoops, old tractors going through the fields with a little rust around the edges. It's a homey feeling name. Brings to mind a more quiet and peaceful time that goes well with Fall.

Mabon This is for the Autumn Equinox and refers to a pre-Christian Celtic God of the Harvest. The name has such a strong sound behind it, so powerful. It's quite a statement name. The idea of Mabon the holiday is to reap what you sow, literally and figuratively. That just makes it such a strong name to me.

Hunter In some places Autumn is prime hunting season. That's what a lot of people associate with this time of year. Not so much me, but I get it for others. Even if you aren't a family that hunts, this is a popular and trendy name. It has the masculine/macho feel and a rounded edge new age feel at the same time.

Bale This one is pretty rare, not unheard of but you won't find it on many lists. I'm choosing it here for several reasons. First of all, fall makes me thing of baling hay, hay bales etc. It also makes me think of balefire, which is basically a bonfire. That's something that's fun to have in the autumn months. And, trending is the name Baelfire from the TV series Once Upon a Time. I personally think balefire is what they were going for. All those things make me think Bale is a great uncommon name for a fall themed baby boy.

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