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Posted on: December 6th, 2017by Casey Anderson

One of the great excitements about expecting a baby is imagining all the things you will get to share with them and introduce them to. We want to pass on a love for our passions and hobbies to our kids. Some of those things are great and awe inspiring things. But some are just really cool things from a childhood. Like video games.

That's right! Any child of the 80s and early 90s remembers the like, totally tubular introduction of the Nintendo System into popular culture. Nothing we'd seen at that point in our lives could even compare. Hours were enjoyed glued to our TVs and playing these amazing games.

There were people who saw them as bad influences on kids and families. But my family would play the Nintendo together, so it was just another way for us to spend time having fun. With such great memories attached this I thought it would make a good inspiration for baby names. I'm sure there are others out there whom remember it just as fondly.


Mario From the epitome of Nintendo greatness is Super Mario Brothers, Mario being the lead character. Mostly an Italian name, it means 'of Mars' and refers to the Roman god of war. It's a powerful manly name, and of course the character is the hero of the story. I think this would make a great name.

Luigi Mario's slightly less popular brother in the game. But he's just as great. Luigi means 'well-known fighter.' It's often used for Italians but not limited to them. He is just as much as a hero as Mario throughout many of the games. It could also be shortened to 'Louie' for any boy that might find the whole name a little too big at first.

Link Names don't get much cooler than this right? It actually means 'from a bank or slope.' For us though, it refers to the hero of Zelda fame. He traipses far and wide across his world to rescue the princess and save Hyrule. It's a great name for any boy with greatness in his future!

Ryuu This is for the original character in Street Fighter. The name means 'dragon' in Japanese, as well as other things depending on the kanji. This guy is a powerful fighter. If you want your little boy to be a tough guy with the air of a powerful dragon, this is a great name for him.

Belmont From Castlevania, Simon Belmont is the main character played. I like the idea of Belmont as a first name more than Simon here. But both are great. Belmont means 'beautiful hill.' And has a feel that makes me think of castles. It hasn't been popular of late but it's a good time to bring it back.


Rosalina This name is a variant on several others, but is said to mean 'beautiful rose.' It is a very pretty name. Rosalina is the adoptive mother of the Lumas and Watcher of the Cosmos in the Super Mario Galaxy games. She is kind and beautiful. The name lends itself to many nicknames which can be fun, Rose, Rosa, Lina, Salina, Liny etc.

Zelda Zelda is the princess from the Legends of Zelda franchise. The name means 'battle in darkness.' Which is fitting for the plot of the game. It's an older name that is due to be back in style anytime now. If you want to give your daughter a Nintendo name with the ability to battle through any darkness, this is the one!

Samus This interesting name was used for the protagonist of the Metriod games. Many were surprised to realize it was a woman until she takes off her power suit in the end of the game. The name is thought to be a futuristic variant of Samantha, but it sounds cool either way. Samus was breaking gender barriers before most of us knew what they were.

Kalinka Kalinka is the daughter of Dr Cossack in Megaman. She is kidnapped by Dr Wily. The name was chosen after a Russian folk song of the same name, and means 'snowball tree.' She's a small character but a fun one with a cool name. She displays an admirable loyalty to her father as well. It's a sweet spunky name for your little girl.

Pauline Pauline was the 'damsel in distress' in the Donkey Kong game. She was also the earliest documented example of a female character with a speaking part in a video game. She cameoed in several other Nintendo games through the years. The name means 'tiny and petite' which was fitting for her damsel role. But women know now that small can be mighty! Give your little girl a name that helps prove that!

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