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Posted on: January 10th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Last week I talked about the probable most popular names for baby girls in 2019. This week I turn your focus to my proposed list for the most popular names for baby boys in 2019. Looking at the various lists in 2018, 2017, and 2016, it is evident that the top list does not change much in the short run. In essence, the names that topped the 2016 to 2018 lists are more likely to continue to dominate the 2019 list. Even so, the order of the names is likely to change due to changes in factors that determine the popularity of a name. Below are my projections for the 2019 most popular names for baby boys.

Noah is likely to climb on to the top of the list of the most popular names for baby boys in America in 2019. The name has maintained the top three spot since 2015. It closed the year 2018 at the second position after Liam. Noah is an old Hebrew name that means rest and comfort. The name is synonymous with hope and obedience after the story of the biblical Noah.

Similar to Noah, Oliver will probably climb up to the second position. It appeared prominently in the major naming sites in America at the top three spot. The popularity of this name goes hand-in-hand with its female version, Olivia. This name has its roots in the German, Latin, French, and English cultures. Oliver signifies beauty, dignity, and peace. The root of this name is linked to the olive tree. Olive tree is very precious as a source of fine wine. The medieval culture was such that wine was a sign of status and class. This probably demonstrates why this name grew in popularity during this period. Furthermore, the elegance of this name has seen it maintain its popularity even in the present time despite the significant changes in culture.

Liam comes third in my 2019 list. Liam is an Irish name that means strong-willed. Since 2013, Liam has remained among the most popular names for baby boys in America. Since its introduction by the Irish immigrants, the name has become part of the American culture. Hence, more Americans from various different ethnic and racial backgrounds are adopting this given name for their newborns.

At number four is the name Mason. Mason has an English origin where it means one that works with stones. Mason has a long history. It was used traditionally to indicate the profession of the bearer. Initially, it was used for a surname for the stoneworkers before it was adopted as a given name.

The given name Logan, originated from the Scottish surname, Logan. Logan means small hollow. Today, Logan is used as a unisex given name. However, it is mostly common among the baby boys. Logan is one of the many names whose popularity is hinged on the popular culture, media, and pop culture.

Michael is a Hebrew name which means who is like God. The name has been in use for centuries in many cultures including the British, French, and Italian cultures. Some of the most famous people with the name Michael include Prince Michael of Kent, Michael Jackson, and Michael Angelo. For decades, this name has often appeared on the list of the top one thousand popular names in America. In 2019, Michael will claim the sixth position.

James comes seventh in my 2019 list. James and Jacob are closely related. Both names are derived from the Hebrew name Ya'aqov. James means the one who follows. This meaning can be derived from the biblical Jacob's walk with God. Jacob followed the commands given to him by God and for which he was promised a great nation. The name was very common among the royal families in Western Europe. It stood the test of time and remains one of the most common names in American and the west even today.

Since 2017, Aiden has often been on the list of the top ten most popular names for baby boys in America. Last year, it closed at number nine. My projection it that it will climb to the eight position. Aiden has its origin in the Celtic culture. It is closely related to the name Aodh, which is the god of sun and fire in the ancient Celtic culture.

Ethan is a Hebrew name that means strong. The biblical Ethan was wise and strong-willed. These two attributes make Ethan an attractive name for a newborn. It is most appropriate for moms who desire to attract the virtues of discipline and wisdom in their children. Since 2017, Ethan has maintained its position among the top ten most popular names for baby boys.

Lucas has been dropping in the list of popularity since 2017. This trend will probably see it drop from position six in 2018 to ten in 2019. Lukas comes from the Hebrew name Luke and it means illuminating.

At number eleven is the name Elijah, which means Yahweh is God. Since the onset of the 20th century, this name has been on the steady rise in popularity. However, the competition from other new entrants will push it down to position eleven.

In 2019, Benjamin will claim position twelve. Benjamin is a Hebrew name that means son of the right hand. It is also the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. One of the prominent bearers of this name in America is Benjamin Franklin.

Jackson is an Old English name that means the son of Jack. Initially, it was used as a surname before it gained popularity as a given name. Today, it is a popular first name for baby boys in America. My projection is that it will take position thirteen in 2019.

William is an Old German name that means strong-willed. It was a common name in the middle ages in Western Europe. William was used to inspire a strong personality. William comes in at number fourteen in my list.

To close the list of fifteen most popular names for baby boys in 2019 is the name Grayson. The name is originally from the English culture where it means the son of the grey-haired one.

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