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Posted on: January 5th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

As we begin the year, we are inclined to seek for changes in our thinking patterns and the way we do things. The same goes for the expectant moms. Currently, the expectant moms are looking out for fresh names to include in their lists. The truth is the year has just turned; hence, for the best part of 2019 the most popular names in 2018 will most probably continue to dominate the lists. Since many people are reluctant to change, the proposed new names will take a while to develop roots. Even so, new names will continue to emerge as mothers commit to seeking unique meanings for names they give to their newborns. Having said so, below are the potential fifteen most popular names for baby girls in 2019.

Olivia is a popular name for the baby girls. The name has both Latin and German origins. It was popularized by Shakespeare in his work: Twelfth Night. It has dominated the US lists for decades. In fact, since 2016, it has remained in the top three spot. It closed at number three in 2018. In 2019, it is likely to climb up to the top position.

At number two is the name Emma. Emma originates from the Old Germanic word ermen which means whole or universal. Despite its Germanic origin, the name was adopted and used widely in the English culture. In 2018, it was the most popular name for baby girls, a position it had held for four consecutive years. In my projection, Emma will not retain the number one slot in 2019. However, due to its previous record, it will not go lower than position two.

Despite being an Old Greek name, Sophia has always been one of the top names for girls in America. This is because of its elegance. Furthermore, the frequent use of this name in the English royal courts helped ascribe to it status and class. Sophia, that also means wisdom, has been in the top ten for three years now, closing at number five in 2018. In 2019, Sophia is likely to rise to the third position.

Isabella will reclaim the fourth position-a position it held in 2018-come 2019. Isabella originates from the Hebrew culture where it means devout to God. The meaning of this name has often endeared many moms to it. Hence, it remains a top name for baby girls in America. Despite having dropped three placed from number one in 2017 to number four in 2018, Isabella will not fall down the list any further in 2019.

The most likely name to hold the fifth position is Charlotte. In 2019, Charlotte will climb two places from position seven in 2018. Charlotte means petite and was popularized by the French and other royalties in Western Europe. The name is elegant, sweet, and easy to pronounce.

Coming at number six is the name Ava. This is a drop of four positions from 2018 where it was the second most popular name. In Latin, Ava is closely related to avis which means bird. In Hebrew, Ava means life. Both the Latin and Hebrew definitions of this name ascribe to it a powerful meaning: the giver of life or life itself.

In 2019, Mia will drop one slot, was previously position six in 2018, to position seven. Mia is a Latin word that means mine. Therefore, the name Mia, to a new mom, is an expression of how much she adores and treasures the newborn. It demonstrates possession and deep-rooted love for the little princess.

At position eight is the name Abigail, which means the father's joy. The name is unique because among all the ten most popular names in 2018, it was the only name that expressed the love and joy of the father towards the newborn girl. In 2018, the name closed the top ten list of most popular names in America. However, in 2019, I expect it to climb up two positions. This is because of its growing popularity.

Amelia is a name with a Latin root where it means industrious. It is a slight shift from the usual tradition whereby the names given to baby girls are related to beauty, charm, grace, and gentleness. In 2018, Amelia was position nine; however, in my 2019 projections, it will slide down to number nine.

Ella will most likely occupy the tenth position. The name has both English and German roots. Ella is the modern short form of Ellen or Eleanor. Ella means the beautiful fairy woman. The name has been growing in popularity thus in 2019 it will jump to the tenth position from position twelve in 2018.

Lily is an Old English name that is derived from the Lily plant. Lily is a beautiful flowering plant with a sweet fragrance. This name expresses beauty and grace as demonstrated by the Lily plant.

In 2019, at the twelfth position will be the name Aria. In Indian culture, the name means the noble goddess. In Hebrew culture, Aria means the lioness. This name has been popularized by the character of the little girl named Aria in the television series, the Game of Thrones. Aria is a powerful name that would have a significant impact on the character of the little girl. Being a noble goddess and a lioness at the same time inspires feminine power and charm in the girl.

Coming at number thirteen is the name Riley, which means valiant. Riley is an Old English name whose resurgence has seen it reclaim the top position as one of the most popular names not only in America but also in the western world.

Maya is the Latin word for great. The name is also thought to mean the month of May; according to the Roman mythology. Maia was the daughter of the god Atlas and her name was given to the month of May.

Closing the list of the top fifteen most popular names for baby girls in America in 2019 is the name Evelyn. Evelyn is an Old English name means radiance or beauty. The name expresses the feminine beauty and charm. At position fifteen, Evelyn will have dropped six positions from 2018 where it was number nine.

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