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Posted on: November 19th, 2017by Casey Anderson

When we try to think of names for our babies, we use a lot of different things for guidance and inspiration. Some serious and sentimental, like the names of loved ones. We also choose names based on their meaning and the idea of what we imagine for the child's future. But there are sometimes when we pick names after things we like.

One thing myself, and many others happen to like are comic books. And of course the ever popular comic book movies. There are tons of different stories and characters to choose from there. For this, I'm going to focus on the X-men. There've been some great movies recently, and a lot of exciting in their comic arcs.

Now, I don't think a lot of people want to name their children things like Cyclops or Wolverine but there are plenty of more usable name options to draw from these characters. Give your child a unique moniker that he or she can dress up as every year!


Grey This one is for Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix. The name refers to the color grey, and has a mysterious sort of air to it, just like the color. The character is also amazingly powerful, clever and kicks butt. You could also go for Jean, but we like the feel of Grey.

Rogue This one's a little unorthodox sure, but it's not unheard of. There've been a few girls out there named Rogue but it would still be very original. Ro is a good name for short. The Rogue character has the ability to absorb others abilities, making her useful and feared at the same time.

Raven Also known as Mystique, Raven has been in the forefront of some of the recent X-men movies. Her character's shapeshifting abilities make her a fierce opponent. Before she was Mystique she was known by the Xmen as Raven, and that's a name you do hear occasionally.

Domino Known mostly from the comics, Domino has abilities to manipulate probability and luck. Originally a nickname for Dominique, it's come into it's on. It's a spunky name with pop. She could be Domi for short. And if she picks up some of her luck? Even better.

Sabra This is an Arabic name and also the name of a cactus plant. It's known for being tough on the outside but sweet on the inside. Sabra is not officially a member of the Xmen but has fought alongside them in the comics. She has superhuman strength and abilities, as well as healing.

Jubilee This one just sounds joyful and bouncy. At some point she becomes a vampire, and has the ability to shoot sparks out of her hand. So, mutant vampire, right? How much cooler could your kid's name be? She saved Wolverine's life once too.


Xavier You can't have an Xmen list without Charles Xavier. Xavier is more unique and means several things depending on the original. One of them that seems fitting for this character is 'savior.' He leads the Xmen and has genius intellect and the ability to read minds.

Scott Scott Summers is Cyclops, the first recruit to the X-men team. He projects what are basically lasers from his eyes. He's pretty awesome. Scott means 'speaking Scottish' or 'from Scotland.' But you don't have to be Scottish to use it!

Hank Hank, who is Beast in X-men, is one of the original team. His powers are a bit of a mix, superhuman strength and some feline type skills, such as night vision and claws. He's also a super smart scientist. Hank means both 'ruler of estate' and 'God is merciful.'

Gambit This name I believe is unique to X-men. It's got a lot of spunk and energy behind it. The word is said to mean "any maneuver by which one seeks to gain an advantage." It's a good name for a clever boy. Gambit has the ability to charge objects with kinetic energy and has hypnotic charm.

Namor It's said to mean 'avenging son' and is also a reversal of the word Roman. He's an amphibious guy with bioelectrical powers and telepathic control over marine life. A cool guy and a sweet sounding name.

Korvus Not an X-men officially, but he fought alongside them for various space missions. The name appears to only exist in this comic, but doesn't it sound cool? Similar to other more common names like Corbin or Cory, Korvus has its own energy to it. He has superhuman abilities.

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