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Posted on: December 14th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Is your baby due in the winter months? Or perhaps your baby was conceived in the winter months? Or hey, maybe you just like the holidays and winter yeah? Lots of us do. I know there are downsides to the season, but, I'm going to skip those for now.

Let's think about pretty snowy days, lovely decorations and festive spirit! These are all wonderful things for a child's name to evoke. Kids usually love winter, days off school, playing in the snow, visits with family, cookies and for many kids, presents!

There are many choices available based off such things as weather, traditions, religion and more. I tried to gather examples that represent as many unique things as possible. What do you think?

Winter Names for Girls:

Holly Holly is often used to decorate around winter time. Its bright green leaves and deep red berries make it very festive for the season. Some lore says it represents truth, and others that it protects from evil spirts. The name Holly comes from the plant. We think it would make a very cheerful name for any little girl.

Noelle This is a feminized version of the word Noel, which means Christmas and is often used in carols sung around that time. It's such a soft and pretty sounding name. It manages to seem both strong and delicate. Plus as an added bonus your little girl will grow up thinking everyone is signing at her during Christmas time.

Bianca Bianca is an Italian name that means 'white.' The winter is often a time for snow, which can blanket the world in white. It's crisp, pure and beautiful looking, just like your new baby will be. This is a good choice for a winter name when you want to stay away from holidays.

Merry or Mary Similar names with very different inspiration. Merry means 'happy,' and is often used in the phrase 'Merry Christmas.' It's a great name even without that relation though, as it's pretty and means happy! Mary however is inspired by the one called 'The Virgin Mary' who was the noted mother of Jesus. Her pregnancy and his birth are the pillar around which the Christians celebrate this season. So, if you'd like to choose a religious based seasonal name for your daughter, it doesn't get much better than this one. If you want to forgo the religious aspect but like the sound of the name, Merry is a great choice.

Imani Imani means faith, which represents the 7th principle of Kwanzaa. It's a beautiful sounding name and holds cultural significance. It's a very unique but not unheard of name. You may want to make sure your daughter knows the history and culture behind it as she grows up. I'm sure she will appreciate and love the thoughtful choice.

Winter Names for Boys:

Noel We mentioned this above. Noel means Christmas, and is often used in carols sung around that time. This is the original word, which is considered more masculine. It's a very dignified name for a little boy. And he will also enjoy being sung to all season.

Nick This is from the good Old Saint Nick, known to most nowadays as Saint Claus. The name is well known outside of that association but it is a fun little secret you can have if you like. You can know you named your boy after a jolly man who loved to give gifts to children.

Jack Jack Frost is a popular character in stories of the season. He is sometimes portrayed as a villain who wants to make everything frozen, but often times more like an ornery boy. I personally like the Jack portrayed in the Rise of the Guardians movie or the Guardians of Childhood series that's based on. He's a fun loving guy who risks himself to help others.

Yukon One of my favorite characters from a seasonal film as a child was Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! He was a fun guy that looked out for his friends, wasn't afraid of adventure and was willing to work for what he wanted. The name refers to the Yukon River territory in Canada and means 'Great River.'

Dash or Dasher This is one of Santa's reindeer according to the song. And what a fun and perfect name for a little boy! They always seem to be dashing around from toy to toy and place to place. Kids are sometimes hard to keep up with. This name has a very modern feel to it as well, one of those short but memorable names that have become popular.

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