Unusual Girl Names

Unusual Girl Names

1. Arlett
Naming your child Arlett may not be as usual, but certainly has a spark in it, from the definite yet strong phonetic value, this name is one of a kind choice, meaning “oath”, so whether you decide it to name your first child Arlett to cherish and honor your marriage, or you’re simply a fan of different, one is for sure, Arlett is the name for the brave, and one that will stand out in the crowds, no matter which nickname you implement, but that’s in the end what makes it special, and what differs it from the usual choices.

2. Adelia
The name that does indeed remind of the famous singer, Adelia is all but ordinary, as it’s relatively easy to pronounce, and its meaning is “nobility” which by no chance is a bad choice. Adelia is more than just a music to the ears, it’s powerful in its core, and carries the message that a name can start with an “a” and still be striking. There’s beauty in nobility, but also grace, which means Adelia is all but simple, it’s exquisite, and it’s charming, but in the end it’s royal, and that’s what you wish your baby girl grow into.

3. Arsema
Not an ordinary name, not an easy choice when it comes to pronunciation, Arsema is surely only for the bravest, but also carries the meaning “powerful”, and you know as they say, there is no power that is easy to carry, which means you’re baby girl is definitely destined for great things if she is to be called Arsema, as that name is only taken seriously. One of the unique choices for a true warier, Arsema still represents the strength before power, for the strength is what keeps us all going, and the power is represents the means to it.

4. Ambrosia
For all the fans of Greek mythology, Ambrosia comes as a refreshment, something that vouches your daughter to be the hipster like her parents. Ambrosia is the choice you decide on when in a need of something that is above the common folk, and that’s why its meaning is “the food of the gods”, not only powerful to its core but also a distinguishable among the masses. It may be extravagant, but it’s also a choice that will separate your daughter from the rest, not only by the sound of it, but also by the impact of its raw influence.

5. Annora
One of the names you’ll decide on if you’re looking for a variation of Honor, as Annora sounds way better, and is intended to be striking. Annora is exotic yet simple, easy to write, and easy to pronounce, a name that will make your girl known for the virtue but also a name that anything but a common choice, from the double “n” to the way it resembles French rather than English, and we all know the impact French language leaves among the people, and whether she likes it or not, your daughter will be the center of the attention.

6. Anouk
Impactful, unique, different, yet so gentle in its meaning, Anouk is just the right name for your baby girl. You wish her to be unconquerable at first sight, yet to be the living symbol of “grace”, then Anouk is the name that blends these two in one, given it literally translates as “grace”, even though it seems way too harsh at the beginning, once you think about it, you’ll find that it is indeed exquisite in both sound and spelling, and most importantly, it fits just perfectly to unite both parents on the same track with its meaning and strength.

7. Anya
If you’re looking for a Russian name, and you wish to honor the tradition as well as the faith, then Anya is just the right choice, as this Russian version of Hana carries the same meaning. We do admit, Anya does have the edge, just like all Russian versions, but that’s what makes it interesting in the first place, as it blends the meaning with the Russian pronunciation to deliver on a unique spelling, and a name that will stand out among the crowds, with its resilience, and cold yet gentle sound that is intended to be reserved only for the brave.

8. Arden
One of the names that marked the classic English literature, Arden holds a meaning that may confuse you at the beginning as “valley of the eagle” seems not to have a definite theme, but once you dig deeper into the origin, you’ll realize that it carries a certain noble sound, and most importantly a core that is so strong, often referred to as a home of strength, authority and the place where one is always safe at, the place that you can easily call home, and worry not as you’re among your kind, protected as eagles are in their valley.

9. Betania
The name that is not only neglected but also the one that not many people know the meaning of, Betania is more of an artistic choice for your baby girl, meaning “the home of a song” or “the home of the affliction”, and that’s not something you decide on unless the parents are both singers, or the ones that dream of their child becoming a singer. Some choose it for the sound, some choose it for the letters, but the truth is that name choices matter, and in a way mold your daughter into a person she is to become.

10. Beatrix
One of the choices that will at the same time take everyone by the surprise as contrary to the belief, it does not represent anything dark and twisted but something pure and revitalizing as it means “she who brings happiness”. Ideal choice for your first born, but also a choice to consider either way as it’s unique, and rare version of Beatrice, and is not only unusual, but also not common according to the stats, which means you daughter will stand out, with a name so blissful many will envy, once they hear it and learn its meaning, of course.

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