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AabheerA Cow-herd
AachmanIntake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja
AadeshCommand Message
AadidevThe First God
AagneySon of the Fire God
AagneyaSon of Agni Son of the Fire
AanandJoy Intelligent Happiness Delightful Blissful Happiness to Come
AandaleebThe Bulbul Bird
AangsumanSun Rays
AarushSunshine First Ray of Sun
AastikWho has Faith in God
AayushmanLong Life
AbhayBrave Fearless
AbhigyaanSource of Knowledge
AbhihitaExpression Word Name
AbhijaatWell Born
AbhimanyuGod Arjuna's Son
AbhinabhasFamous Renowned
AbhishekBlessing Shower of Milk or Water over an Idol An Auspicious Bath for a Deity Anointing Special Shower of Milk and Water over an Idol
AbhivanthRoyal Salute
AbhrakasinWith Clouds for Shelter An Ascetic
AbhyagniTowards the Fire A Son of Aitasa
AbjayoniBorn of the Lotus Another Name for Brahma
AbnerFather of Light
AcalapatiLord of the Immovable Lord of Mountain
AcalendraLord of the Immovable The Himalayas
AcaryaTeacher Another Name for Drona
AcchindraFlawless Uninterrupted Perfect
AchalendraLord of the Immovable The Himalayas
AchyutImperishable A Name of Vishnu Lord Krishna
AcintyaSurpassing Thought Incogitable
AdityavardhanaIncreases Glory Augmented by the Sun
AdvayaOne United
AgastiName of a Sage
AghaPre-eminent Master Owner Sinful Another Name for God Fight
AgnikumaraSon of Agni
AgyeyaBeyond Comprehension Beyond Knowledge
AhilanKnowledgeable Commanding
AjathBirth Less Like Lord Shiva Birthless Vishnu Jina
AjatshatruOne who has No Enemies
AjeetVictorious Invincible Unconquerable
AkalmashStainless Pure
AkhileshGrateful Lord of the Universe Indestructible Immortal Lord of Universe
AkhileshwarSupreme Being
AkmalPerfect Whole More Complete
AkshahantreySlayer of Aksha
AkshayagunaOf Limitless Attributes Lord Shiva
AkshaykeertiEternal Fame
AlagarGod Sivan
AlagarasuHandsome King King of Beauty
AlagurathinamHandsome Gem
AlokA Man with Lovely Hair Cry of Victory Lord Subramanya Brightness Light
AlopThat which does Not Disappear
AmaleshThe Pure One
AmarForever Long Life Luck Everlasting The Immortal One
AmarendraKing of Devas Lord of Gods
AmbarishName of Lord Shiva The Sky
AmitavLimitless Lustre Name of Lord Buddha
AmitavaSame as Amitabh
AmitbikramLimitless Prowess
AmolPriceless Valuable
AnandJoy Happiness Bliss One who is Blissful Delightful
AnanyoSole Peerless
AnbarasuKing of Love
AnbumadiKind and Intelligent
AngadAn Ornament
AnikaitLord of the World
AniketLord Krishna Lord Shiva Name of Lord Krishna Homeless One who Makes the World his Home A Celestial Being who was the King of the Anga Dynasty
AnilPuriest Wind God of Wind Immaculate Being
AnilabhSpirit of the Wind
AnimeshOpen-eyed Attractive
AniruddhGrandson of Lord Krishna
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