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BaalkrishanYoung Krishna
BabilGate of God Babylon Renowned for Wine and Magic Planet Jupiter East
BabulA Tree Gate of God Father Lord Shiva
BabunajWild Ivy Persian Camomile
BadaatWonderful Surprising Outstripping in Courage and Learning Beginning Start First Instance
BadalCloud Rain
BadgelgarReducing Air to Ashes One of the 101 Names of Ahura Mazda
BadiljanEgg Plant
BahadurBrave Bold Brave and Courageous Honourable
BahumanA Prize
BahuraiWith Great Riches
BaidyanathLord Shiva
BalaadityaYoung Man
BalachandravThe Crescent Moon
BaladevaYoung God
BaladityaRisen Sun Young Sun
BalaganapatiBeloved and Lovable Child
BalagopalBaby Krishna
BalaraviThe Morning Sun
BalashankarYoung Lord Shiva
BalasunderKrishna Handsome Child
BalavantPowerful Lord Hanuman
BalavenkatanGod Vengatan
BalchandraYoung Moon
BaldebGodlike in Power Another Name of Balram
BalenduAssenting Moon
BaliPowerful Mighty Monkey King of Kiskindha Monkey King Brave Lord of Strength
BalkrishanYoung Krishna
BalvantPowerful Strong Full of Might
BalvindraStrong Powerful Mighty Immense Strength
BalwantStrong Powerful Mighty Immense Strength
BandhuFriend Relation
BaneswarLord Shiva
BankimchandraHalf Moon Charming but Shrewd
BarindraThe Ocean
BarunLord of the Sea
BavyeshLord of the World
BhadrakshOne with Beautiful Eyes
BhadrashreeSandalwood Tree
BhagavanOf Great Fortune King Lord
BhageerathA King of Suryavamsha who Brought River Ganga from Heavens to Earth
BhagiratWith Glorious Chariot
BhagyanandanaOne who is in Control of Destiny
BhajanWorshipped Adoration One who is Absorbed in God's Love
BhalendraLord of Light
BhamhanandHappiness for Knowledge
BhanujSaturn Son of Sun
BhanuprasadGift of Sun
BharadwajA Sage A Mythical Bird A Lucky Bird
BharatCandidate India Universal Monarch Son of Shakuntala and Founder of India
BhashkarThe Sun
BhaswarGlorious Luminous
BhavLord Shiva
BhavaboothiAshes of Shiva A Sanskrit Author
BhavikDevout Well Meaning Virtuous Happy
BhawanidasDevotee of Durga
BheemeshBheem Second of the Five Pandava Brothers
BheeshmaA Character of Mahabharata Son of King Shantanu
BhishakThe Healer Vishnu Who Cures the Disease of Birth and Death Cycles
BhojrajAn Ancient King
BholaInnocent Polite
BhoomindraBhoomivallabh King of the Earth
BhoopendraKing of Kings Emperor King of the Earth
BhoumikLand Owner
BhramatejPower Glow and Nature of Brahma Bhramgyan Self Realisation Knowledge of God Bhramhanand Ecstasy Supreme Bliss
BhrihadbanuSon of Krishna and Satyabhama Bhringaraj a Bee
BhubaneswarGod Lord of the World
BhudebLord of the Earth
BhudevLord of the Earth
BhujangSerpent Shiva King of the Earth
BhumidharLord of the Earth
BhumindraLord of the Earth
BhupendraA King who Rules All over Earth King of Kings
BhuvanEarth Palace
BhuvaneswarGod Lord of the World
BibhasA Raga
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