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ChaanakyaName of Kautilya The Great Scholar
ChaarudattBorn of Beauty
ChahelGood Cheer
ChakradevLord Vishnu
ChakrapaaniName of Lord Vishnu
ChampakA Flower
ChandakThe Moon
ChandidasName of a Saint Devotee of Chendi Devi
ChandrabhanLustrous as the Moon
ChandrabhanaThe Moon Lustrous as Moon
ChandradityaName of a King
ChandraguptName of Ancient King
ChandrakantBeloved of the Moon Moonstone
ChandramaadhavSweet Like Moon
ChandramauliLord Shiva
ChandramohanAttractive as the Moon
ChandrananMoon Like Face
ChandranshuMoon Ray Lord Vishnu
ChandrayanThe Moon
CharanjitOne who has Won over the God
CharnakThose who have a Good Concentration Power and Trust for Others
CharudattBorn of Beauty
CharuhasA Person with Beautiful Smile
CharuvratOf Good Character
ChaturananOne with Four Faces Brahma
ChayanTo Choose Selection
ChellanPrecious Loveable
ChemmalPremier Best
CheramaanA Chera King
ChidaatmaSupreme Spirit
ChidanandaBrilliant Lord Shiva
ChindhanaiIntelligence Thought
ChintyaWorthy of Thought
ChiranjivImmortal Super
ChitrabhanuThe Sun Fire
ChitralOf Variegated Colour
ChitteshLord of the Soul
CholanA South Indian Dynasty
ChyavanName of a Saint Divinely Inspired Sage
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