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GaganasindhuOcean of the Sky
GaminiWalk To Run
GangiGoddess Durga
GaratiVirtuous Woman
GathaNarration Sublime Songs Any Poem Used for Meditation Book Written by Sant Tukaram
GauharCow Like White The Pearl One who has Taken the Colour of the Cow A Pearl
GauriA Fair Woman Parvati
GayathriAn Precious Angel The Chant of Salvation Goddess Durga Phased Verse Angle the Chant of Salvation
GayatriSinger Mantra The Chant of Salvation Goddess Durga Goddess of Wood Good Friend Mother of Gods Veda Mata - the Mother of All Vedas Sanskrit Mantra
GeenaSilvery Farm Worker
GeetaHoly Book of the Hindus
GeethaHoly Book of the Hindus
GhaaliyaFragrant Which can be Sung
GhaydaaYoung and Delicate
GhusoonBranches of a Tree
GnanachelviIntelligent Girl
GnanamangalaIntelligent Girl
GodavriA River
GomatiName of a River
GormaGoddess Parvati
GovindiA Devotee of Lord Krishna
GrihalakshmiLakshmi of the House
GulikaBall Anything Round A Pearl
GunalakshmiRose Lakshmi the Virtuous
GunjanaBuzzing of a Bee
GurpraveenGoddess of the Stars
GyaniGenius Intelligent Full of Knowledge
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