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LabnikaLovely Beautiful
LaghimaGoddess Parvathi
LakshakiGoddess Sita
LalitaBeautiful Woman Variety Beauty Talkative Lovely Desirable Graceful
LataCreeper Vine
LatikaDarling Name Small Creeper
LaxmiGoddess of Wealth
LeelaDivine Drama Play Amusement Night Goddess of Wealth
LeenaA Devoted One Tender Light Free Man Palm Tree Feminine Diminutive Form of Charles Carl A Man Wet Meadow Little and Womanly Plant of Dates Soft Mild Clemency Variant of Helen
LilaGood Night Feminine of Lyle Seductive Dark Beauty Lily Purity Pleasure Sport Pastime Delicate Playful Divine Drama
LilyLily Form of Lillian Manuscripts of God Lily Flower A Symbol of Purity
LipikaLitters Alphabets Short Letter
LochanaBright Eyes
LohitaRed Ruby Lilli Sunlight
LokamatriLakshmi Mother of the World
LolitaRuby Sorrows
LopamudraWife of Saint Agastya Learned Woman
LoukyaWise Goddess Lakshmi Worldly Wise
LydiaWoman from Lydia Noble Kind Of the Noble Sort Lydia was an Area of Asia Famous for Its Two Rich Kings Midas and Croesus Beauty Happiness
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