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RaakaFull Moon
RaakhiSymbol of Protection Full Moon in the Sravan Month
RachanaWriter Creation
RachnaConstruction Arrangement
RadhaSuccess Prosperity The Beloved of Lord Krishna Lord Krishna's Lover
RaginiSinger A Melody
RajiviniCollection of Blue Lotuses
RajshriSage-like King
RakhiThread of Brother-sister Bonding
RamaaGoddess Lakshmi
RambhaName of an Apsara
RamitaLoved Pleasing
RanyaPleasant War Like
RatanjaliRed Sandal Wood
RathikaRider of a Chariot Satisfied
RatnamalaString of Pearls
RatnaprabhaEarth Light from a Jewel
RatnavaliA Bunch of Gems
RaviprabhaLight of the Sun
ReaPoppy Earth In Greek Myth Rhea was an Earth Mother Following Victor To Flow River Stream Flower Name for Poppy Warrior
RekhaLine Artwork Beauty The Heart of God Limit
RevatiWife of Balarama A Star
RiaSinger Love To Flow Earth In Greek Myth Rhea was an Earth Mother River Merry Victor From the River's Mouth
RichaChants Hymn The Writing of the Vedas The Etymological Origin of Richa is the Sanskrit Word Ric means to Praise
RidhiProsperity To be Successful To Succeed To Grow To Increase To Make Gain
RupeshwariGoddess of Beauty
RupikaBeautiful Woman
RuplakshmiBeautiful and Goddess Lakshmi
RuthCompanion Friend Compassionate Friend Season
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