Names that mean Fearless

Name Origin Gender Meaning
Aazam  Girl Powerful, Fearless, Supreme
Abahijeevan  Boy Fearless Life
Abhaijeev  Boy A Fearless Being
Abhaijeevan  Boy Fearless Life
Abhaijot  Boy Fearless Guided by Light

Abhaipreet  Boy Fearless Love
Abhairaaj  Boy Fearless Kingdom
Abhaitek  Boy Having the Fearless God Support
Abhaiveer  Boy Fearless and Courageous
Abhavasimha  Sanskrit Boy Fearless Lion
Abhay   Indian Boy Fearless, Brave
Abhay   Indian Boy Fearless, Brave
Abhay   Indian Boy Fearless, Brave
Abhaya  Girl Luster, Fearless
Abhayaa  Girl Fearless, Without Fear
Abhayan  Boy Without Fear, One of the Kauravas, Fearless
Abhayananda  Kannada Girl Delighting in Fearless, Delighting in Fearlessness
Abhayasinha  Sanskrit Boy Fearless Lion
Abhaydatta  Sanskrit Boy Fearless Son
Abhaysimha  Hindi Boy As Fearless as a Lion
Abheek  Boy/Girl Fearless, Beloved
Abheek  Boy Fearless, Beloved
Abheet  Boy Fearless, Jo Kisi Se Na Dare
Abheri  Girl Fearless
Abhey  Hindi Boy Fearless
Abhi  Boy Fearless, Better than Best
Abhi  Girl Fearless, Better than Best
Abhichandra  Boy Having a Moon Like Face, Fearless
Abhijanya  Sanskrit Boy Born Fearless
Abhijeevan  Boy Fearless Life, Living fearlessly
Abhijot  Boy Fearless Light
Abhik  Girl Beloved, Fearless
Abhik  Boy Beloved, Fearless
Abhika  Sanskrit Boy Fearless
Abhin  Boy Different, Fearless
Abhinayan  Telugu Boy Fearless Eye
Abhipada  Sanskrit Boy One who Steps Fearlessly
Abhiraj  Boy Regal, Fearless King, Bright
Abhiraj  Boy Regal, Fearless King, Bright
Abhiraja  Sanskrit Boy Fearless Ruler, Great Ruler

Abhisaarikaa  Hindi Girl Goddess Parvati, Fearless
Abhishri  Girl Surrounded with Glory, Fearless Beauty
Abhit  Hindi Boy Fearless
Abhita  Sanskrit Boy/Girl Fearless, Courageous, Everywhere, Brave
Abhitha  Girl Fearless, Goddess Parvati
Abhithi  Girl Fearlessness, Fearless
Abhiti  Sanskrit Girl Courageous, Brave, Fearless
Abhoy  Boy Fearless
Abhya  Girl Fearless, Towards the Fire
Abijith  Tamil Boy Fearless
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