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AakashThe Sky
AaradhakWorshipper of God Worshiper
AarishFirst Ray of Sun
AbhijeetVictorious Lord Krishna
AbhimanuyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat
AbhinnaLucky Man
AbhisekRitual or Installed as a King Bathing of God
AcharyaTeacher Another Name for Drona
AchintaLord Shiva Vishnu
AckersleyMeadow of Oak Trees
AdalarasuKing of Dance
AdanVariation of Adam from the Red Earth Earth Man
AdelRighteous Upright Sincere Justice Noble Equal Alike God is Eternal High-born Brave Nobility
AdhusudanLord Krishna
AdityavardhanaIncreases Glory Augmented by the Sun
AdwayOne United
AftaabThe Sun
AgneevaLord Agni Dev
AheerA Raag
AheerbhairabA Mixed Raag
AhilanKnowledgeable Commanding
AhnikEvening Time Prayer
AjatshatruOne who has No Enemies
AjeetVictorious Invincible Unconquerable
AjitabhOne who has Conquered the Sky
AjitkumarOne who is Incapable of Being Conquered Defeated Subdued
AkashdvipStar of the Sky
AkhanYogi Now
AkhilComplete Tree Naughty Intelligent God World
AkshayIndestructible Unlimited
AkshayakumarUnscathed Perfect
AkshyaLove Immortal God Unlimited
AlagumuthuHandsome Gem
AlampataEver Eternal Lord
AlokA Man with Lovely Hair Cry of Victory Lord Subramanya Brightness Light
AlokendraVictorious Intelligent
AmarForever Long Life Luck Everlasting The Immortal One
AmarnathImmortal God
AmbareeshKing of the Sky
AmbikapathiLord of Siva
AminDivine Grace Trustworthy Honest Amin Another Name for Prophet Muhammad Faithful Custodian
AmitaabhBoundless Lustre
AmitabhOne with Boundless Splendour
AmitabhaLimitless Lustre Name of Lord Buddha
AmitavaSame as Amitabh
AmritalalOne who is Immortal
AniketLord Krishna Lord Shiva Name of Lord Krishna Homeless One who Makes the World his Home A Celestial Being who was the King of the Anga Dynasty
AnilPuriest Wind God of Wind Immaculate Being
AnimeshOpen-eyed Attractive
AniqElegant Blessed Moon
AnirbanA Light which Never Extinguishes
AniruddhaWhich Can't be Restricted
AnirudhaGrandson of Lord Krishna
AnjumanA Token A Symbol
AnkurNew Life Glow Sprout
AnnuabhujLord Shiva
AnojYounger Brother
AnookulPleasant Good Endless
AnoopWithout Comparison Incomparable The Best Matchless Beauty
AnshumaanThe Sun
AnshumanBlessed with Long Life The Sun Lord Surya (Sun)
AnunayRequesting Supplication Consolation
AnupUnique Talent Glory Extreme Large Without Comparison Hard Working Honest Love Person Anytime Happy
AnupamWithout Comparison Incomparable Unique
AnuraagLove Attachment
AnuragAttachment Devotion Love Protect Raag or Lover of Raags
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