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DalapathiLeader of a Group
DalimPomegranate One Type of Fruit
DamianTo Tame Subdue
DamonTo Tame Constant Spirit Subdue Blue Sky
DandapaniStaff Handed Holding a Staff in his Hand
DanujBorn of Danu A Danava
DarpakKamdev God of Love
DarshakSpectator Wind Blowing Fast
DarukDark Skinned Charioteer of Lord Krishna Tree
DasLove Devotee Servant
DasarathiSon of Dasaratha
DasharathiLord Rama
DattatreyaGift of Atri
DayakarMercy Man Merciful Lord Shiva
DayamayFull of Mercy
DebDivinity Jack
DebabrataName of Bhismha
DebamallyaGarland of the Lord
DebamritNectar from God
DebashisBenediction of God
DebashishPleased by Gods
DebayanDevelopment of God
DebendraSky God
DebendranathThe Lord of Heaven One whose Master is Devendra
DebeshPleased by Gods
DebiprasadBlessing of God
DebjitOne who has Conquered Gods
DeenadayaalHumble and Merciful
DeenathLord Vishnu
DeendayalFriend of Poor Humble and Merciful
DeepakLamp Kindle Lustrous Lights Prakash Lifeline Moon Candle Light
DeepanLighting Up
DeepankarOne who Lights Lamps Lord of Light
DeepanthFriendly Characters
DeependraLord of Light
DeependuBright Moon
DeepeshLord of Light
DeepithFired Lamp
DeeptenduBright Moon
DehabhujAnother Name for Lord Shiva
DepenMaster of Deepaks
DevBard Poet God King Immortal Charming Awesome Abbreviation of Names Beginning with Dev
DevachandraMoon Among the Gods
DevadasFollower of God
DevadevaLord of All Lords
DevadyumnaGod's Glory
DevajutaThe One with the Good
DevakanthaBeloved of the Gods
DevakumarSon of God
DevanMen of Devon Divine Like a God
DevarajKing of the Gods
DevarpanaOfferings to the Gods
DevarsiSage of the Devas
DevavrataName of an Ancient King in Indian Epic Called Mahabhatat Son of Shantanu and Ganga
DevdarshWorshipper of God
DevdasServant of God
DeveedaasServant of the God
DeveeprasadBlessing of the God
DevenVariant of the English County Name Devon Servant of God Divine Like a God Resembling a God Worshiper of the God Dumnonos
DevendranathLord of the King of Gods
DevendrashikaProtector of All Gods
DeveshName of Jesus God of Gods Lord Shiva Lord of Lords
DevguruTeacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )
DevidaasServant of the God
DevidasServant of a Goddess
DevilaalSon of Goddess
DevilalSon of Goddess
DeviprasadBlessing of the Goddess
DevkumarSon of God
DevnathKing of Gods
DevvrataName of an Ancient King in Indian Epic Called Mahabhatat Son of Shantanu and Ganga
DeweshGod of God
DhananjayOne who Wins Wealth Lord Arjun Name of Arjun Lord Vishnu
DhaneshLord of Wealth
DhanrajWho have Lots of Treasures Lord Kuber
DhanvinLord Shiva
DhareshKing Lord of Land
DharmachandraDharma's Moon Devoted
DharmadityaDharma's Sun Devoted
DharmanandOne who Takes Pleasure in his Religion
DharmaveerProtector of Religion
DheerajEmperor Patience Consolation
DheerandraGod of Courage
DheerendraGod of Courage
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