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HaihayaThe Horse
HamirA Raga
HansarajKing of a Swan
HansinThe Universal Soul Mad about Love and Friends
HanumantThe Monkey God of Ramayana
HaraprasadGift of Shiva
HarasitLord Shiva
HareendraLord Shiva
HariaksaLord Shiva
HariduttGift of Hari
HariharLord Vishnu or Vishnu and Shiva Together
HariharaVishnu and Shiva Joined Together
HariharaatmajaSon of Hari ( Vishnu ) and Hara ( Shiva )
HarijThe Horizon
HarikrishnaIndra Shiva Krishna and Vishnu Conjoined
HarinarayanLord Vishnu
HariomLord Vishnu
HariramLord Rama Hari Ram
HaritGreen Lion
HarivilasThe Abode of Hari
HarmendraThe Moon
HarshitHappy Joyous Laugh Fun
HasanLaughter Good Beautiful Handsome Good Looking
HemanGolden Yellow Made of Gold
HemarajKing of Gold
HemchandraGolden Moon
HemdevLord of Wealth
HemenduGolden Moon
HemraajKing of Gold
HerambaLord Ganesh Boastful Name of Ganapati
HerambwaLord Ganesh
HimadhriInfinity Life
HimanishLord Shiva
HimeshCool as Ice Snow Bright
HirakenduMoon Made of Diamond
HiranmayaMade of Gold
HirendraLord of the Diamonds
HridayanandJoy of the Heart
HridaynathLord of the Heart Beloved
HridgataTo the Heart
HridikaOf Heart Friendship
HrishitaaJoyful Who Brings Happiness Deep Knowledge The Best
HrithikFrom the Heart
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