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MaaghName of a Hindu Month
MaandhataAn Ancient King
MadhabRelating to the Spring Sweet Like Honey Another Name of Lord Krishna
MadhavSweet Like Honey Lord Krishna
MadhughoshHoney Nectar
MadhumayConsisting of Honey
MadhupAttraction A Honeybee
MadhurankHoney Bee Lover
MadhusudanLord Krishna
MadhvanAnother Name of Lord Krishna
MadurA Bird
MahadevMost Powerful God Lord Shiva
MahajA Nobel Descent
MahakayaGigantic Lord Hanuman
MahalingamLord Shiva
MahanidhiA Great Treasure House
MaharsiGreat Saint
MaharthVery Truthful
MahatapasGreat Meditator
MahatejaswiVery Bright Person
MahaveerHain Guru Founder of Jain Religion
MaheepatiThe King
MahendraIndra Lord Vishnu
MaheshGod of Love Lord Shiva Dashing A Great Ruler Supreme God
MaheshwaramLord of the Universe
MahijithConqueror of the Earth
MahindraA King
MahirExpert Industrious Skilled
MahishmatGrandfather of Sahararjuna
MairlandOf the Meadows
MakhanSoft Pure Butter
MakheshLord Krishna
MalaravanLike Flower
MalayA Mountain of Sandalwood's Tree Located Near Mysore
MalcolmDevotee of Saint Columba A Dove Saint Columb's Disciple Columba's Servant
MamrajLord of Affection
ManMind Human God is with us Supernatural Power Examine Closely Accept the Truth Assistance
MananThought Thinking Repetition
ManasijThe Cupid The God of Love
ManavHuman Man
ManavothamHuman Being Paramathma The God Mandahas Gentle Smile
MandarA Mountain A Flower A Celestial Tree Flower Lord Ganesh
MandhataAn Ancient King
ManeeshLord of the Mind
MangaleshAuspicious Person
ManharLord Krishna
ManikantThe Blue Jewel
ManikkamGem Gemstone (Ruby)
ManikyamA Gem Ruby
ManiramJewel of a Person
ManitHighly Respected
ManmathThe Cupid The God
MannanMeditate King in Malayalam Benefactor Bountiful
ManogyaDelightful Pleasing Handsome
ManojBorn of the Mind
ManonithCarried by the Mind
MansukhPleasure of Mind
MantramHoly Name Lord Vishnu
ManujSon of Manu
ManvendraKing Among Men
MareechiRay of Light
MarkWar-like Mars From the God Mars Dedicated to Mars Horse
MartinFrom the God Mars War-like Dedicated to Mars Warring
MarudevaLord of the Desert
MarutatmajMost Beloved Like Gems Lord Hanuman
MasudFortunate Lucky Happy Blessed
MathewGift of the Lord
MatsendraKing of the Fishes
MaukthikeshwarDiety of Eashwar in a Temple at Srirangapatnam on the Banks of Kaveri
MaulinduThe Moon on Head (Lord Shiva)
MayilanGod Murugan Similar to Mayur
MayurPeacock Lord Krishna
MeerChief Mayor Leader
Megh-NaadRoar of Clouds
MeghduttGift of Clouds
MeyerA Farmer Bringer of Light
MichaelWho is Like God Like the Lord Who Resembles God Messenger of God
MichonGift from God
MihirThe Sun
MilapUnion Charitable
MischaLike the Lord
MiteshOne with Few Desires Money
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