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NaagA Big Serpent
NaagarjunAn Ancient Philosopher
NaagpalSaviour of Serpents
NaakeshThe Lord of Heaven
NaaraayanThe Refuge of Man
NabarunMorning Sun
NabenduNew Moon
NabhijLord Brahama
NabhomaniJewel of the Sky Sun
NachiketaAn Ancient Rishi Fire
NagarajKing of Snakes King of Cobras
NagdharOne who Adornes Mountain
NaggarLord Krishna
NahushName of an Ancient King
NairitSouth West
NakkeeranName of a Brave Poet
NalakA Little Boy who Whole Heartedly Worshipper of Lord Buddha
NalinWater Lotus
NalinikantaLotus Water
NallalaganGorgeous Man Very Handsome
NamadevName of a Saint
NambiSelf Confident
NamitBowed Down Modest
NandakishorMeritorious Great Achiever
NandanPleasing Son
NandapalLord Krishna
NandlalLord Krishna
NandNandanLord Krishna
NanjundewsarLord Shiva who Swallowed Poison to Save the World
NannanBenevolent Name of a King
NarayanLord Vishnu
NarendraKing of Men Humanity
NarendranathKing of Kings Emperor
NareshLord of Man The King The King of the Country
NarsiPoet Saint
NarunLeader of Men
NathanGift from God God has Given Given Husband Controller God Giver Gift Given by God
NavasprikWho Kiss the Sky
NavrozA Parsi Festival
NeelBlue Lord Shiva
NeeladriThe Nilgiris
NevanLittle Saint Little Holy One From the New Town
NiharDew Drop Mist Fog Lord Krishna Dew
NikhilWhole Prithvi Complete Entire
NikunjBower Birds Nest Garden
NilavanMoon Handsome
NileemaBlue A Beauty by Its Blue Reflection
NileshBlue God Lord Shiva / Krishna
NilnovBlue Sky
NilotpalBlue Lotus
NiradGiven by Water Cloud
NirankarGod Shiva With No Shape (God)
NirendraNight Sky
NishikantHusband of Night Moon
NishinathLord of Night
NissimUnbounded Wonders
NiteeshGod of Law One Well Versed in Law
NitishMaster of the Right Path Krishana True Warrior Mightiest Lord Night Light
NityanandaLord Krishna Always Happy
NivruttiSeparation from World
NoamBeautiful Good-looking Sweet Friend
NomanGranted Blessed Normal Man Men with All Blessings of God
NridevKing Amongst Men
NripendraKing of Kings
NuriLight My Fire Shining Brightness
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