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RabiSpring Breeze
RabindraEarly Morning
RadhanathLord Krishna
RadheshyamLord Krishna
RadheyshyamLord Krishna and Radha
RaghavLord Rama
RaghubirLord Rama
RaghunathLord Rama
RaghuvirLord Rama
RahiTraveller Spring
RahoulThe Bond Between
RahulEfficient Conqueror of Miseries Name of Goutam Buddha's Son Bond in Affection Capable Son of Lord Buddha The Son of Durga Most Mysterious Vastu Grah 'Rahu'
RajKingdom King Secret
RajadhirajKing of Kings Emperor
RajanikantMoon Lord of Night Sun
RajanikantaThe Night's Beloved
RajasMastery Fame Pride
RajatSilver Courage Silver Courage
RajdeepBest of Kings
RajendraKing Indra King A Mighty King Emperor King of Kings
RajeshGod of Kings King
RajitBrilliant Decorated
RajivLotus Flower
RajyashreePropriety of a King
RamMale Sheep Lord Rama One who Pleases The Eldest Sun of King Dasharatha The Hero of Indian Mythology Called Ramayana Pleasing Charming Good Guy Obedient
RamakrishnaPleasing Krishna
RamanathLord Rama
RamanathanLord Rama
RamappanLord Rama
RamavatarReincarnation of Lord Rama
RameshLord Rama Lord Vishnu
RameshwarLord Shiva
RamkrishnaLord Rama Krishna
RamnathLord Rama
RamswaroopLord Rama
RanaiCourageous Man Protector
RaneshLord Ganesh Lord Shiva
RangalalRed Color
RanganA Flower
RangarajanKing of Joy
RangithWell Coloured
RanojitConqueror of War
RanveerWinner The Brave Warrior
RaseshLord Krishna
RasmaruLord Krishna
RatannabhaLord Vishnu
RatneshLord of Jewels Diamond Lord Kuber
RaunakPrestigious Happiness Pride and Glory Fame
RavikanthRay of Sun
RavindranathLord Vishnu Sun
RavirajOther Name for Sun God
RayirthLord Brahma
RazakDevotee Protector
RebantaA Son of Surya
ReejitWho can Overcome All the Sorrows and Sadness of Life
ReganThe Descendant of a King Little King
RehanBlessing from God Star
RichardBrave One Strong Ruler A Teutonic Name from the European Middle Ages Dominant Ruler Powerful Leader
RiddhimanPossessed of Good Fortune Lucky Person
RigvedOne of the Vedas
RikinName of a Fruit Pomegranate
RishabhSuperior An Avatar of Lord Vishnu Second Note of Octave Morality A Musical Note Ox
RishikeshLord Vishnu
RisuHonest and Clever
RitajitConqueror of Knowledge
RiturajKing of Spring
RiyonBeauty of Haven
RizvanHarbinger of Good News
RobinA Singing Bird Bright Fame Famed Shining Victory Famous A Bird Name
RohitFirst Red Rays of the Sun Red Horse Rider Son of Raja Harishchandra
RohitasvaSone of King Harishchandra
RoninSamurai without a Master Wave or Wandering Person
RoopeshBeauty of Lord Shiva
RosniBrightness Light
RupakSign Feature Beautiful
RupendraLord of the Form
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