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AaditriGodess Laxmi
AakashiSky Colour
AaliaExalted Highest Social Standing
AamaalHopes Aspirations Wishes
AanadiAlways Happy
AaradhakWorshipper of God Worshiper
AaratrikaDusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant
AaruniLine on Any Particular Raaga from Tamil Dawn
AashalathaCreeper of Hope
AashitaOne who is Full of Hope
AashwikaGoddess Santoshi Maa
AasinCalling Himself
AatbodhSon Lord Brahma Vishnu
AatmasharanOne who Cantrol his Conscience
AayaushiLong Life
AbhidharmHighest Dharma
AbhigyaWise One Expert Adept
AbhijataWell Born Well Born (Woman)
AbhijitaVictorious Woman
AbhilaashLord Vishnu
AbhimanyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat Son of Arjuna A Warrior
AbhimodaJoy Delight
AbhiprithiFull of Love
AbhiramLovely Pleasing Handsome
AbhiriA Raagini of Indian Music
AbiramiFriendly Goddess Laxmi
AblaaPerfectly Formed A Flower
AdalarasuKing of Dance
AdaleruBrave One who Never been Crushed
AdayaOne who is Always First and Best
AdelRighteous Upright Sincere Justice Noble Equal Alike God is Eternal High-born Brave Nobility
AdelleNoble Form of Adelaide Noble and of Kind Spirit
AdhikaMore Greater
AdhiraImpatient Lightning
AdinarayanLord Vishnu Leader
AdithaThe First Root
AditriHighest Honor Goddess Lakshmi
AdrieneFrom Hadria Dark
AdrijaOf the Mountain Daughter of Himalaya Goddess Durga / Laxmi / Parvathi
AdwiteyaMatchless Unique
AekadamtLord Ganesha Chaste Modest
AfraWhite Colour of Earth Young Deer Dust Praise The Maple Tree Dust-coloured Young Doe Whitish Red
AgamadhiIntelligent Gem
AganagaiA Semiprecious Stone Inner Happiness
AgathiyanName of a Saint Intelligent Brilliant
AghanashiniDestroyer of Sins
AgneyaSon of Agni
AgnijitaBranch of Fire
AhalyaWife of Rishi Gautam Women Rescued by Lord Rama
AhavaLoved One
AhimsaNonviolent Virtue
AhladitaIn Happy Mood
AhlamWitty One who has Pleasant Dreams Imaginative She with the Beauty of Dreams
AikenOne who Never Born
AirawatiDerived from Ariana
AishaLiving Prosperous Lively Woman Life She is Life Alive Wife of Prophet Muhammad Joy Happiness
AiswaryaWealth Good Luck Intellectual Thinking Best Beautiful
AjaamukhiDaughter of Sage Kashyap and Surase
AjaataUnborn Old Caves
AjamukhiDaughter of Sage Kashyap and Surase
AjitaInvincible Irresistible Always Winning A Winner Unconquerable
AkalkaFree from Impurity Moonlight Pure
AkalpaOrnament Love of God
AkashpriyaWife of Sky
AkritiShape Diagram
AkshamalaGarland of Rudraksh
AkshayamathiSuper Intelligence Divyagyana Eternal Salvation
AkshyaLove Immortal God Unlimited
AlakanandaName of a River
AleinaLight Powerful
AliGod Excellent Noble Sublime Light Lofty To Ascend Exalted One Also Mohammad's Son-in-law Elevated Noble and Shining Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Bee
AlkaDiamond A Girl with a Lovely Hair Lock of Curly Hair
AltheaSincere Healing
AmbaGoddess Durga
AmbuviliPiercing Eyes Eyes Resembling an Arrow Tip
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