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BabithaBorn in the First Quarter of an Astrological Day
BageshriName of a Raaga Good Luck Goddess Laxmi
BahuratnaRich in Gems
BaijayanthiPrize Garland of Lord Vishnu
BakhtawarOne who Brings Good Luck Fortunate Lucky Prosperous Rich
BandanaPrayer Chant Worship
BanditaAdored Worshipped Together
BansuriFlute Lord Krishna Flash of Lightning
BarnaSon of Comforting Young Youth Son of Exhortation Son of Comfort Color
BarnaliDispersion of Seven Colors
BarunaWife of the Lord of the Sea Foreign Strange
BaruniGoddess Durga
BatoolAscetic Virgin Maiden A True Devotee Woman of Allah
BelSacred Wood Apple Tree
BhaaratiGoddess of Knowledge and Education Goddess Saraswati
BhaavanaEmotion Good Feelings Emotions Meditation
BhagyashreeFortunate Goddess Lakshmi
BhanaviSacred Illuminating
BhaniHindu Goddess Name Words
BhaumiEarth Goddess Sita
BhavaniName of Goddess Durga Sweet One who Lives Forever Goddess Parvati
BhavikaRighteous Pious Lot of Emotional Well-meaning Honest Cheerful Expression
BhaviniGoddess Parvati Emotional Beautiful Lady
BhavnaMeditation Thinking Feelings Sentiments Emotions
BhawnaFeelings Super
BhilanganaA River
BhoomiEarth The Earth
BhupaliA Raagini in Indian Music
BhuvaneswariGoddess of Earth
BibhaShine Ray Light Radiance Beauty Radiant Smiling Glow Bright Brilliant Talented
BibhaboriA Raag
BibhutiSacred Ashes Goddess Lakshmi
BinodiniHandsome Beautiful Radha
BipashaA River Beas
BishakhaA Star
BithikaPath Between Trees
BooA Desert Plant
BrahmachariniSeeker of Brahman
BreonnaJust Pretty
BrindaThe Basil Plant Radha Tulasi
BrishtiRain Weather
BulbulA Songbird Nightingale
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