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DadhijaDaughter of Milk
DaeviGoddess The Diety
DakshakanyaAble Daughter
DaliA Flower
DamayantiLotus Flower Pretty Dove
DarshitaGood Morning Sight
DebanganaDaughter of God
DebasmaBreathing of God
DebinaDiscreet Enrich Impressive Advantage
DebjaniBeloved Daughter of the Goddess
DeepaLamp Dedication A Pledge A Lamp Light Radiant Goddess Laxmi
DeepakalaEvening Time
DeepjyotiThe Light of the Lamp
DelishaGives Pleasure Delight Happy and Make Others Happy
DeshnaGod Gift
DevakaliName of a Indian Music Raagini
DevamatiGodly Minded Virtuous
DevangiLike a Goddess
DevashreeGoddess Lakshmi
DevishiChief of the Goddesses Goddess Durga
DhanalakshmiNice Voice The Goddess of Wealth
DhanyataSuccess Fulfilment
DharmishtaLord in Dharma
DhlritiCourage Morale
DhritiCourage Morale Patience
DhruvikaFirmly Fixed
DhurjatiThe Pivotal Ascetic Lord Shiva Firm
DhuthiSplendour Lustre
DilanLoving Son of Waves Faithful Loyal Son of the Sea
DipaliLamps A Line of Lamps
DipanvitaGroup of Lights
DipikaA Small Lamp
DitiIdea Wife of the Sage Kashyap
DitipriyaAnother Name of Goddess Durga
DiyaLamp Light Dazzling Personality
DoyelA Songbird
DraupadiWife of Pandavas
DrishtiSight Vision Eyesight
DurbaSacred Grass
DurgaUnreachable Succour The Goddess The Inaccessible Goddess Parvati Goddess Durga
DurghaGoddess Durga Parvati Devi
DurvaHeavenly Grass Sacred Grass
DvitaExisting in Two Forms Spiritual
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