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GaganadipikaLamp of the Sky Another Name of the Sun
GairikaOne who is Make Herself for Devotion
GambiriniVery Smart
GaminiWalk To Run
GandhaliFragrance of Flower
GandharikaPreparing Perfume
GaratiVirtuous Woman
GargiAn Ancient Scholar Like One of Lord Buddha Name of a Learned Woman Goddess Durga Scholar
GathaNarration Sublime Songs Any Poem Used for Meditation Book Written by Sant Tukaram
GauriA Fair Woman Parvati
GeenaSilvery Farm Worker
GeetaHoly Book of the Hindus
GeetanjaliCollection of Poems or Songs Presenting Songs in a Devoted Manner Presenting Songs as an Offering
GeethaHoly Book of the Hindus
GeetiA Song Melody
GhaadaBeautiful A Small Song
GhusoonBranches of a Tree
GirijabalaGoddess Uma
GitaliLover of Song
GitanjaliAn Offering of Songs
GnanaMagalIntelligent Girl
GolapiParticular Colour
GoldyGolden Gold Gilded Form of Golda
GoolA Flower
GopaCow-herder Gautama's Wife
GopikaLord Krishna Cow-herd Woman
GovindiA Devotee of Lord Krishna
GrihalakshmiLakshmi of the House
GunaMalarPossessing Good Character
GunjitaHumming of Bee
GurpraveenGoddess of the Stars
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