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MadhavilataSpring Creeper
MadhuchhandaA Flowering Creeper
MadhumatiFull of Honey
MadhumitaSweet Girl Full of Honey
MadhuparnaTulsi Leaf
MadhurimaSweet Girl
MadriWife of Pandu
MaghiGiving Gifts
MahagangaThe Great Ganga
MahakaliGoddess Durga
MahasriGoddess Laxmi
MahekFragrance Good Smell Khushboo
MahithaGreatness Quite
MahuyaName of a Beautiful Flower
MaitreyeeThe Light of Braveness A Bird
MaitreyiName of a Woman Scholar
MaitryFriendship and Joy
MalabikaA Beautiful Flower
MalashreeAn Early Evening Melody
MalinaTower Dark Name of a River Honey Raspberry Woman from Magdala From the High Tower
MallikaJasmine Queen
MamataLove Affection Ture Motherly Love
ManaSupernatural Power Love Alike Similar Name of a God
ManakaAccording to the Mind
ManaliA Bird Beautiful Hills
ManasviIntelligent High Minded Famous Stable Clever Wise That which Controls Mind
MandeepaLight of Heart
MandiraTraditional Intelligent Helpful Carring Melody Cymbals Home
MangaiCultured Lady
ManikuntalaA Lamp of Precious Stones
ManimekhalaA String of Beads
ManishaGoddess of Mind Desire Wish
ManisilaA Jewelled Stone
ManjuBeautiful Pleasant Snow Dew Drops Sweet Heart Winner Charming
ManjulikaA Sweet Girl
ManorithaOf the Mind
MansiaDove Linden Trees Curiosity
MaushmiMonsoon Wind
MayTo Increase Kinswomen Mother Bitter Diminutive of Mary Wished-for Child Rebellion Great Fifth Month of the Year Old Arabic Name Scottish Form of Margaret Pearl T
MayilFull of Grace Like a Peacock
MayyadaTo Walk with a Swinging Gait
MedhyaMighty Clean Fresh
MediniEarth The Earth
MehrThe Seventh Solar Month of the Persian Calendar
MiliA Meeting To Find
MinaxiOne with Fish Shaped Eyes Goddess Parvati
MishtiSweet Sweet Person
MistuSweet All
MithuFriend Sweet Parrot Beautiful
MitraThe Sun Friend
MmonibhaGlow of Heart Light of Love
ModhumitaSweet Friend
MoitreyeeAn Enchantress
MoniSilent Intelligent Beautiful Nicely
MoubaniA Flower
MoumitaHoney Bee
MoutishaLike a Pearl
MoutushiA Flower
MukulikaA Small Blossom A Low Humming Made to a Put a Child to Sleep
MuthalagiBeautiful Like a Pearl
MuthunagaiSmiles Like a Pearl
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