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NabanitaA New Life
NaganandiniMountain Born
NageswariGoddess of the Mountain Elephants King of Serpents
NaidhruaParvati Almost Perfect
NainiA Girl with Beautiful Eyes
NajmaSorry Star Precious
NallarasiOnre with Lotus Like Eyes
NambiniBelieving Confident and Sweet
NamrahBrave Tigress
NanakiSister of Nanaka
NandiniBestower of Joy Ganga Goddess Durga A Holy Cow Daughter One who Brings Joy
NanditaSmile Happy Spread Love
NargisFlower Narcissus
NaseenCool Breeze
NatashaChild Born at Christmas Rebirth-from Anastasia A Flower Christ's Birthday Form of Natalie
NatthamaraiExcellent Lotus Flower Name of a Flower Lotus
NavamiNew Nineth Tithi in Astrology
NavneetaButter Like
NayanikaOne Having Beautiful Eyes
NazeeraLike Equal Matching
NeelajaRiver Starting from Blue Mountain Neelparvat
NeelanjanaBlue Eyed
NeetaUpright Bear
NeharikaDew Drops
NidaCall Voice
NiharDew Drop Mist Fog Lord Krishna Dew
NikhilaWhole Complete
NilanjanaOne with Blue Eyes
NilashaBlueness Starting Newly
NileemaBlue A Beauty by Its Blue Reflection
NilimaBlue Colour of Clear Sky Dawn
NiluthaProviding Water
NimaTo Adjust To Measure Thread God Blessing The Mother of Kabir
NipaOne who Watches over
NirjaGoddess Laxmi
NirupamaUnique Uncomparable
NishkaPure Honest
NitaMoral Grace Bear
NithilaBeautiful Like Pearl
NitikaNiti means Policy
NityasreeWith Eternal Beauty
NusratHelp Victory
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