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TanishaNight Ambition Born on Monday
TanushreeBeauty Beautiful
TanviThe Brightened One Delicate Girl Goddess of Beauty Caring Loving Good Hearted Slender Beautiful Delicate
TanzimaA Gift from Heaven
TapaniThe River Godavari
TarjaniRing Finger The First Finger
TarulataA Creeper
TarunikaYoung Girl
TeetashA River
TejashreeWith Divine Power and Grace
TeyvanaiConsort of God Murugan Daughter of God Indiran
ThenMoliSpeaks Sweet Like Honey
ThwishaaRadiance Brightness Beauty
TilottamaA Celestial Maiden
TiyaA Bird Parrot
ToshaniGoddess Durga
ToushiniGoddess Durga
TrijagatiGoddess Parvati
TrikayaThree Dimentional
TrinaPure Short Form of Katrina Diminutive of Catriona A Scottish Gaelic Variant of Catherine Clear Innocent Goddess Parvati Good Pleasing Grass
TrinayanLord Shiva Durga
TrinityOne God Triad The Holy Three Three Fold Three in One The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit A Triad Triple
TriparnaLeaf of Sacred Bael
TripuriGoddess Paravati
TrishanaThirst Desire
TrishuliniGoddess Durga
TsitraSun Flower
TsondraBright and Smart
TuhiBird Sound
TvarikaSwift Quick
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