Danish Baby Names - Page 2

Danish Names for Boy        Danish Names for Girl
BenteGirl Form of Augustus Revered Exalted Worthy of Respect Great Magnificent
BeritGirl Born of the Right Hand Form of Benjamin Son Blessed
BernhardBoy Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood
BerntBoy Evening Time A Flower - Jasmine
BertilBoy Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood

BirgerBoy Help Save Rescue
BirgitGirl Born of the Right Hand Meadow with Coarse Grass Son of the South Benjamin
BirgittaGirl A Old Monk Brother of Rama
BirgitteGirl A Old Monk Brother of Rama
BjarneBoy Shepherd To Help
Bo Boy To Live
BodilGirl Remedy
BorghildGirl Fortification
BritaGirl Strength Power Exalted One To Help
BrittGirl A Place Name
BrittaGirl Exalted One Strength To Help Power
Cai Boy
CamillaGirl Religious Attendant of Temple
Carina Girl
CarlBoy Free Man Farmer
CarolineGirl Womanly Diminutive with Royal Connotations
CasperBoy Treasurer Keeper of the Treasurer Treasure Bearer
CathrineGirl Little and Womanly Joy Song of Happiness Feminine Variant of Charles Manly
CecilieGirl A Feminine Form of Cecil
CharlotteGirl Little and Womanly Tiny and Feminine Feminine of Charles Glam
ChristaGirl Anointed Anointed Christian Form of Christopher Christ-bearer
ChristenBoy A Christian A Follower of Christ Anointed Anointed Christian
ChristerBoy Man Form of Charles
ChristianBoy A Christian
ChristinGirl Anointed Anointed Christian Follower of Christ Beautiful Christian
ChristinaGirl Christ-bearer Beautiful Christian
ChristineGirl Follower of Christ Beautiful Christian Christian Faith
ChristofferBoy Manly Form of Charles
ClausBoy Meadow with Knotty-trunk Trees Goddess Lakshmi
DagBoy Day
DagfinnBoy Day
DagmarGirl Day

DagnyGirl Day
Dan Boy
Dan Boy A Dane
DanielBoy God Is My Judge
DavidBoy Beloved
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