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Dutch Names for Boy        Dutch Names for Girl
Abe Boy
AbrahamBoy Father Of Many
AdBoy God will Strengthen Abbreviation of Ezekiel
AdamBoy Man

AdelbertBoy Highborn Brilliant Intelligent Noble
AdelheidGirl Shadow The Tingling of the Ear
AdolfBoy Noble Wolf
AdriaanBoy Black Dark Of the Adriatic
AgnesGirl Chaste
AlbertBoy Noble
AlbertinaGirl Noble Female Version of Albert from the Old German Bright Noble Famous
AlbertusBoy Noble Bright Famous
AleidaGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AlexBoy Girl Short form of English Alexander, Alexendra, Alexandria, Greek Alexandros and many Spanish names like Alejandro
AlexanderBoy Defending Men
AlexandraGirl Defender of mankind Feminine of Alexander
AlfonsBoy Father
AlfredBoy Elf
AlidaGirl Life Giving Friend
AloysiusBoy Renowned Warrior Fame and War A Form of Louis Famous Warrior
AlwinBoy Noble Friend Defender
AmaliaGirl Work
AmandaGirl Fit to be Precious Thing
AmberGirl Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone Amber
AmeliaGirl Industrious Work Labour Work Fertile Effort Strain Work of the Lord
Andrea Girl
AndreasBoy Brave Of a Man Warrior Masculine Manly
AngelaGirl Heavenly Messenger Angel Messenger from God
AngelinaGirl Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone Amber
AngeliqueGirl Mother God-like
Anika Girl
Anita Girl
AnkeGirl Join Hands Palms Together Offering with Both Hands An Angel Offering
AnnaGirl Angel Elder Brother
AnnabelGirl Lovable Easy to Love
Anne Girl

AnneliesGirl Mother God-like Pretty
AnnelieseGirl Counsel from the Elves Elf Magical Counsel
AnnemarieGirl Grace Easy to Love
AnnikaGirl Grace Sweet Faced Different God is Gracious God has Shown Favour Goddess Durga
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