Dutch Baby Names - Page 2

Dutch Names for Boy        Dutch Names for Girl
AnoukGirl Apricot from Nara Grain
AntjeGirl God's Protection Follower of a Nobleman God-helmet Nobel
AntonBoy Spanish Form of Anthony Beyond Praise
AntoniaGirl Comely Helmet of God Feminine of Anselm Godly Helmet

Antonie Boy
AntoniusBoy Heavenly Messenger Angel Messenger from God
ArendBoy Heavenly Messenger Angel Messenger from God
ArianeGirl Gentle Music Brings Rain Man Pledge Feminine of Arien Melody
ArieBoy Beautiful Graceful or Beatiful
ArjanBoy One of the Pandavas From Hadria
ArthurBoy Noble Bear Rock Noble Strength Stone
AugustaGirl Venerated Worthy of Respect
AugustusBoy Great
BartBoy Form of Bartholomew Hill
BartelBoy From the Barley Farm Farmer's Son Son of Talmai
BartholomeusBoy Farmer's Son
BasBoy From the Birch-tree Meadow Meadow of Birch Trees
BeatrixGirl Voyager Traveller
Ben Boy
Ben Boy Bear
BenedictusBoy Blessed Happy
BenjaminBoy Son Of The South
BenteGirl Form of Augustus Revered Exalted Worthy of Respect Great Magnificent
BernhardBoy Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood
BertBoy Bright
BobBoy Bright Form of Robert Bright Famous One
BramBoy A Thicket of Wild Gorse Abbreviation of Abraham and Abram
BrechtBoy Bright
BrigittaGirl Blond Yellow Gold Fair-haired
CarlaGirl Fem Form of Carl
CarolaGirl Song of Joy Female Version of Charles or Carl
CarolineGirl Womanly Diminutive with Royal Connotations
CasBoy Lives at the Castle's Meadow Place Name Meadow with Knotty-trunk Trees

CasperBoy Treasurer Keeper of the Treasurer Treasure Bearer
CatharinaGirl Pure Clear Torture
Cato Girl
CeciliaGirl Blind
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