English names meaning eagle

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This is the list of english names meaning eagle or names that mean eagle which also serves as english baby names meaning eagle to help you select a name for your child.
Aaniyah GirlResurrection, Favour and Grace, God has Favoured Me, He (God) Was Gracious
Aaniylah GirlEagle, God has Shown Favour, Grace, Mother
Aarie GirlEagle, Rule, A Native of Adria, Nobel
Aarn BoyEagle Ruler, He Who Comes After, Prevail, Rule
Aarne BoyEagle Ruler, Prevail, Adler, Rule
Ad BoyJust, Good Fortune, Settle, Proper Name
Add BoyLion, Refuge of God, Just, Adriatic from the Stem End
Adelard BoyNoble Eagle
Adlar BoyEagle
Adler BoyEagle
Adler BoyEagle
Aenea GirlOrnament, Elder Brother, Angel, Eagle
Aerie GirlInner Skin, Lion of God, Eagle, On High
Aerilyn GirlDwells by the Torrent, Pond, Waterfall, Lion
Aerilynn GirlFriendly, Dwells by the Torrent, Pretty, Waterfall
Agripino BoyBrave Noble, Noble and Courageous, Noble Eagle
Ahnna GirlEarth and Water, Mercy, He (God) Was Gracious, Name of a King
Ajax BoyThe Element Aiastes Which is of the Meaning Mourner, Eagle
Aleria GirlEagle
Alleria GirlEagle
Altair The Flying Eagle, Star, Bird
Amarianna GirlGod has Shown Favour, Full of Grace, Earth and Water, Power
Ametta GirlModern Variant of Amold, Power of an Eagle
Amette GirlModern Variant of Amold, Power of an Eagle
Amey BoyLord Ganesh, Eagle
Amey BoyLord Ganesh, Eagle
Amyjo GirlNoble Friend, Elf, Brilliance, Brightness, Height, Exalted, Battle, Eagle
Anacarolina GirlFeminine Variant of Charles, Mercy, Mother, Earth and Water
Anachristina GirlEagle, Anointed, Grain, Elder Brother
Anaelisa GirlMother, Name of a King, God's Promise, Grain
Anagabriel GirlFull of Grace, Strong as a Bear, God is My Hero, Mercy
Anagabriela GirlFull of Grace, Angel, Eagle, Mercy
Anaise GirlGrain, He (God) Was Gracious, Favour and Grace, Graceful
Anasofia GirlMother, Grace, Will, Wisdom
Anavictoria GirlFood, Mercy, God is Gracious, Conqueror
Anays GirlGod has Shown Favour, Graceful, Full of Grace, Mother
Anchor BoyMan, Eagle
Andro BoyPrevail, Lofty, The Enlightened, Eagle Ruler
Androwe BoyPowerful as an Eagle, The Enlightened, High Mountain, Rule
Anea GirlOrnament, Mother, He (God) Was Gracious, Angel
Anella GirlMercy, Elder Brother, Food, Shine of Glory
Anelle GirlMessenger of God, Grace, Shining, Brilliant
Anet GirlFavour, Gracious, Auspicious Mahurat, Grace
Anetra GirlGracious, Grace, Eagle, Graceful
Anetta GirlFavour and Grace, Name of a King, He (God) Was Gracious, Graceful
Aniiyah GirlGrain, Name of a King, Favour, Eagle
Aniki BoyEagle, Angel, He (God) Was Gracious, Earth and Water
Aniko GirlEagle, Angel, He (God) Was Gracious, Earth and Water
Anilla GirlWind, Mercy, Grace, Mother
Anisten GirlAdler, Lofty, Eagle, High Mountain
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