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Name: Maria No. of characters: 5 Gender: Unisex Origin of Maria: Hebrew
Religion: Hindu Muslim How to pronounce Maria ma-ria What does my name mean? Meaning of Maria: Bitter, Sea of Bitterness, The Perfect One, Sea of Sorrow, Wished for Child, Rebellious, Star, Mary, Maybe Bitterne

Origin and Meaning

Baby name Maria is the Latin version of the name Mary. It was originally derived from the Hebrew name Miriyam. The name is often associated with the name 'sea of bitterness' or 'sea of sorrow'. However, according to some sources the name also has some alternative definitions like 'rebellion', 'wished for child' and 'mistress or lady of the sea'. There is also a possibility that the name origins as the feminine form of the Roman name Marius. In the New Testament of the Bible, Maria is a form of the name used which stands alongside Mariam.

Maria was ranked 925 in 2015 list of US boys name and dropped by 0.54% from its previous ranking of 920 in 2014. Maria was ranked 108 in 2015 US female names list and elevated by 5.26% from its previous ranking of 114 in 2014. First name derived from Mary. Comes from the Hebrew "mîr'yï¢m" Means: "myrrh and ocean" If Day on 15 August.. Them safe, strong personality and character not very easy,Mariaimpose their authority to their natural surroundings. Discrete rather erased but effective, very active,Mariaare especially generous, dedicated and always ready to help. Proud, touchy and demanding,Mariado not leave faire.Elles give family life a priority and are possessive of love and protection.

Full form of Maria : Meditative Adventurous Refined Industrious Assertive

Maria is a very very popular first name for a girl in England & Wales which is popular since 1996 and ranked 73 in 2014. Around 10093 people wear Maria as their first name. Maria is a very consistent name over the past 18 years.

Maria is a very very popular first name for a girl in United States which is popular since 1892 and ranked 925 (0.000151% bearer) in 2015 in US. Around 541746 people wear Maria as their first name. Maria is a rare first name for a boy in United States which is a rare name since 1911 and ranked 925 (0.000151% bearer) in 2015 in US. Only 541746 people have Maria as their first name. Maria is not a native United States and Maria may be came from another language or is a short form of some other name. 0.151545% of people in US have this given name.

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History of Maria

Myrrh was in ancient times the symbol fragrance of love, the ocean has a sense of vastness. The etymology of Mary could mean "unlimited love, love strong and pure." Miriam was the name of the sister of Moses, it was also one of two wives of Herod, but also that of the daughter of Joachim and Anne, the mother of Jesus, son of God, according to chétienne tradition. There are hundred and seventeen saints and blessed who have worn this pretty name.

Expression number of Maria is 6.

Maria have a great affection towards creativity, beauty and domestic activities of life. Maria are trustworthy, honest and behave responsibly. Maria have tendency to sacrifice their needs for others'.

Names that rhyme with Maria Aaria, Abria, Achouria, Adaria, Adoria, Adria, Ahmaria, Ahmarria, Ahria, Ahzaria, Akaria, Akeria, Akerria, Akiria, Akria, Akyria, Alandria, Alaria, Alaxandria, AlbriaFamous people named Maria
Mariana Lima in Kenoma as Actress
Maria Redmond in The Last Vampyre as Actress
Marian Diamond in Tale of a Vampire as Actress
Marianne Lawrence in Steele at It as Actress
María Cantuel in El nuevo mundo as Actress
María Vico in La cabina as Actress
Maria Georgas in The Pacifier as Actress
Ana Maria Saragia in Fright Night 2 as Actress
María Leal in Cicatrices as Actress
Maria C. Roxas in Batman Begins as Miscellaneous Crew
Maria Krahn was a film interpreter and voice actress of German nationality.
Actor Maria Conchita Alonso, known for movie The Running Man
Names like Maria Maria Namesakes Related Names: Mar, Mara, Maraam, Marabel, Marabella, Marabelle, Marabeth, Marache, Maradee, Maradith, Marae, Maragaret, Maragret, Marah, Marai, Maraia, Maraiah, Maraih, Maraina, Maraiya Posts having Maria: Comments :Maria is a female first name derived from Greek and Latin of Mary, taken verbatim in Arabic , German , Italian , Polish , Serbian , Flemish , Dutch , Catalan and Portuguese. As an additional, subordinate first name, it can be worn by men. In Greek there is the intermediate form Μαριαμ Mariam, where Maria is a Latin name modification. The Arabic and Aramaic form of the name is Maryam (Arabic مريم, Aramaic ܡܪܝܡ). In the New Testament it is the name of the mother of Jesus, of Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany. Besides the derivation to Miriam (controversial, probably of Egyptian mry "loved") is also the "fattening" the Hebrew root מרא MRA are conceivable. Maria would therefore mean "the Well-fed". Maria (name Hebrew מרים, transl. Miriam , which means "rebellion") is the name of the mother of Jesus. It became popular with the spread of Christianity as a way Latinized name Hebrew the mother of Jesus , Mary ( Miriam in Hebrew). The meaning of the name is uncertain, but may have originally been a name Egyptian , probably derived from mry ("beloved") or Mr ( "love"), in the sense of "beloved lady" - although there is evidence that has been popular in Europe well before the establishment of the Christian religion, as a feminine form of the Roman name Marius. Historically, the name appears sometimes as a second male name, as in several countries in Central Europe , where the event indicated protection the Virgin Mary. Etymologically , the name may be derived from the words Assyrian Yam the Sea iro (Yam , Mar = Maryam), which in some Semitic languages ​​, particularly in the Assyrian Aramaic , means "sour ocean" or "acid". Maryam is the way Assyrian-Syriac , Hebrew and Arabic name Maria. In Galician-Portuguese etymology, from the lands of Basto, the name Mary appears several times associated with the second male name John. The set Maria João etymologically attributed to the strong individual qualities and growing a lot, especially to the sides. Many places, especially Marian shrines, lead Maria behalf as Maria Enzersdorf or Mariazell. It is now the third most popularity in the name of Poland, worn by more than 750 thousand. people. Among the names transmitted to newborn children, Maria, in 2009. Occupied the 21st place among female names. Until the nineteenth century, Polish children were not named Maria, because it was reserved just for the Virgin Mary. Instead, the girl was called the name of Marianna or Maryna. Other forms caused Maria to: Mariola , Maryla , Marita, Marzena , Marlena (by a combination of Mary and Magdalene ) and Marietta (French nickname). The wide diffusion of the name Maria has led to the creation of a significant number of diminutives and Hypocorism of various kinds, many of which today are widely regarded names in their own right. Other forms: Miriam, Mary, Maria, Marie, Mariel, Marion, Marien, Marilyn, Marilyn, Maura. - Coralee Cruce Maria is in the form Latin of Biblical greek Μαρία ( María ), in turn borrowed from ' Jewish מִרְיָם ( Miryam ) - the name has in the past also greek as Μαριαμ ( Mariam ), where the two forms were interchangeable, then arriving in Italian as Miriam. There are several hypotheses regarding its etymology and its meaning. The most popular theory proposes an origin Egyptian , based on mry or mr (respectively "beloved" and "love"). This theory is also supported by the fact that the only character of that name, in the ' Old Testament , is the sister of Moses, Miriam , born right in Egypt. A theory developed at the beginning of the twentieth century approaches the term Egyptian named Yam (a god of Levante , correlated to YHWH ), giving the meaning "beloved of YHWH" or "YHWH who loves". However, are numerous and advocated by several other scholars theories that see Miryam as a name originated directly in the Hebrew language. Wilhelm Gesenius was the first to consider a compound of mere , and am ( "their rebellion"); later abandoned this theory, which was still carried out by some of his students. It was also proposed derivation from single term meri , then "rebellion". Of note, although probably wrong, is the interpretation that would give to Mary means "bitter sea", as composed of March ( "bitter") and yam ( "sea"). This theory was reported in a work of St. Jerome is from ' Onomastica of Origen and Philo , who, however, was in poor condition when Jerome rewrote it; Moreover, since in Hebrew the adjective follows the noun to which it refers, a compound of such terms would have to be yam Tues. , not Tues. yam. It is reported frequently a slight variation on the theme, "sea of bitterness", and similar derivative works based on a single term, such as "bitter", "sorrowful" or "great pain" (from marar or marah ) or "bitterness" (from merum , in turn always from marar , however grammatically wrong derivation); it should be noted that it is from these roots that derives the name Mara . Other interpretations, always based on the Hebrew terms, are "cured" (uncertain etymology), "fat" or "well-nourished" (from mara ) , "lady" or "princess" (by sea ), "strong" or "grooming" (from marah ) , "desired to daughter" (uncertain etymology), " myrrh " (from mor , although it is not clear how that period may be identified Miryam) , "myrrh sea" (from mor and yam ) , "lady of the sea" (from seas and yam) and sea drop (from Tues and yam ) . The latter was also reported by St. Jerome, and is also found in a manuscript of Bamberg at the end of the nineteenth century as a drop Maris : as witnessed by various scholars ( Varro , Quintilian , Aulus Gellius), when the Latin transcribers exchanged many the with and , the expression became stella maris , "star of the sea", which remains one of the most common interpretations of the name and is still one of the Madonna titles. "Maria" is the base form of the name in several European languages ​​other than Italian, but it is also used as an alternative to the main form by many others, such as English. Its extraordinary diffusion is due to the fact that he was taken from Mary, mother of Jesus, although there have been cases, at certain times and cultures, where the name was considered too sacred to be able to enter into common usage (in a manner similar to what happens for the name Jesus in Italy ). In Italy it is registered as the most popular female name in the twentieth century and it is estimated that, including also its variations during this period denominasse about 12% of the population. In England , where it is used since the twelfth century , it has always been among the most common since the sixteenth. In Italian and Spanish is frequently the use of Mary in conjunction with other female names, especially with those who in turn attract the veneration of the Virgin Mary (ex. Maria Annunziata , Maria Consuelo ). - Maribel Mogensen Popularity of Maria

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